Is Vanessa Lengies dating anyone? Is she married?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

With a woman this hot, there is hardly any probability that she is not taken. And for people who may be dreaming that she is single… Well, she isn’t, okay!

Vanessa Lengies is dating her longtime boyfriend, Jamie Waylett, you know one of the two kids in Harry Potter, Crabbe who is always following Draco. I guess he is every bit as a bad boy he was in Harry Potter, being jailed for English riot act and stuff.

There are no mentions of Vanessa dating and affairs with anyone in the books beside her current boyfriend. She is not yet married to him. May be she sees Waylett as a potential husband, or not! We don’t know that. May be more of it will be revealed in the further days. To the people who wants to know if she is homosexual, she is dating a guy. She is not a lesbian, period.

This beautiful Canadian actress is perhaps best known for her role of Roxanne Bojarski in the TV series American Dreams. For this role, she was even nominated for best young actress. She has also appeared in a major role in the TV shows like Are you afraid of the Dark?, Radio Active, Second Chance, etc. Vanessa had a recurring role in Glee as Sugar Motta. Due to her new show Mixology, she left the role. Other sources, however state that she left due to disagreement that she did not get enough screen time.

 Her movies appearance includes Extreme Movie (2008), The Perfect man (2005), Waiting movie series, etc. Vanessa has also released few singles of her songs.

Regarded as extremely hot and beautiful, there are millions of fans, mostly boys who worships her beauty. She has an average height of 1.6m (5 feet 2 and something inches). Her beautiful face and impeccable body makes her one of the sexiest girls around. When she appeared in that neko ears few months ago, she totally lifted up the mood on Home and Family.

Fans believe that Vanessa dating Jamie is rather unfair to her. We guess, these fans must only be looking at the physical appearance. so what? Vanessa does not have any problem. She does not care for the looks (no offence Crabbey boy). Get over it!

Fan can follow her on twitter or Instagram. She already has a large number of followers in each. She often promotes her shows or other movies through Instagram and posts pictures of her on her work or her free time. She tries to get in touch with her followers and supporters every now and then.

Currently, she enjoys an astounding net worth of $7.5 million.