Is actress Aryana Engineer working on any new movies and TV shows?

April 7, 2016
First Published On: April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Aryana Engineer, a 15-year-old child actress has done three movies so far and she is working on one of the major releases of 2017. Let’s find out who she is and what her current and future projects are.

Aryana Engineer is a Canadian child actress born on March 6, 2001, in British Columbia, Canada. She is a child actress who made her debut in 2009 horror film Orphan. Aryana was discovered by her neighbor who also happens to be an agent in 2007. Aryana has a hearing-impaired in real life, she was born partially deaf.  The  neighbor noticed that Aryana used sign language with her mother and realized that she would be a perfect fit for the role of Maxine ‘Max’ Coleman, a six-year-old blond who knew how to use sign language in the film orphan.

In the script of Orphan, Maxine Coleman was described as 'unimaginably cute'. When director Collet-Serra saw that Aryana had the ability "while crying, to perform a scene -- to immediately go from there still keeping this emotion", he knew she was the one for the part. According to Collet-Serra, Aryana didn't understand what was going on during the making of Orphan and thought it was all a game.

After orphan, Aryana took part in a commercial for the 2010 winter Olympics being held in Canada. She also represented Canada with her brother at the 2010 Paralympics games opening ceremony, welcoming viewers using sign language.

. Aryana has a Cochlear Implant, which has improved her speech and hearing. Her first speaking role was in the film Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth movie in the franchise.

After orphan Aryana appeared in Resident Evil: Retribution as Becky, a little girl whom Alice- the main character, played by Milla Jovovich- develops a mother-daughter relationship with. Becky is a deaf child, but does speak, as well as performs sign language.

In an interview with, Milla talked about Aryana, she said, “In this movie, when we saw her audition, there was such a beautiful charm about her. The way she talked, you could hear there was something off about it like she doesn’t talk like someone should for her age. It was heart rending.”

Aryana appeared in 2015 movie, Dreaming of Peggy Lee. She plays the main character, Belinda.

Aryana is currently working on the sixth sequel of the movie Resident Evil, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in her previous role, Becky. The movie is going to be released in 2017 and will be the closing chapter of the franchise.

Aryana has a height of 4’ 11” at the age of 15. She has grown quite beautifully. She is not dating anyone or had any boyfriend in the past. Aryana is still her parent's girl. Although she has not appeared in any TV shows as of now, she definitely has the talent and possibility to do so in the future. Don’t go by her disability, she is enormously talented and shows every prospect of becoming a legend one day. Her net worth is unknown.