Is 18-Year-old beautiful G Hannelius single? Who is she dating? Know her current affairs and Relationships

February 6, 2018
First Published On: June 11, 2017

Moon Zappa once said, "If there's anything more mortifying than being famous at 14, it's being washed up right after". And we kinda have a similar story here. Not entirely though... G Hannelius is one of the young stars in Holywood.


Although she is 18, Hannelius is already making gossips with her love chemistry with co-stars. On board, get your answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by teenagers, "Is G Hannelius single"?

G Hannelius and her past affairs

Genevieve Knight "G" Hannelius known for her role in Disney Channel series Jessie,  Air Buddies films, Leo Little's Big Show and much more, who did she date in the past? Is she single?

It is surprising to know, despite her young age, she is one of the recognizable faces in the TV show. You can address G Hannelius as a secretive person as she rarely makes any public appearances.

[ CAPTION: G Hannelius ][ SOURCE: S media ]
[ CAPTION: G Hannelius ][ SOURCE: 2-bp ]

G Hannelius dated Bradley Steven Perry who is the co-star of Disney Channel show "Good Luck Charlie". The sources have it they dated back in 2011. However, they broke up after few years of dating.

[ CAPTION: G Hannelius ][ SOURCE: S media ]

After her relation with Bradley, she didn't flash any news and no rumors spread out on the internet. On the other end, Bradley dated many co-stars from his show Sabrina Carpenter and Ryan Newman.

Is G Hannelius single in 2017?

We tried hard to dig out the facts on G Hannelius love affairs in 2017 and we got some news on her. G Hannelius recently attended homecoming dance at Calabasas High School when Jackie Chaite asked her with cute little notes and roses.

She even took him to Disney Channel's Gold & Silver Ball. They clicked a pic of themselves as a couple, which kept us wondering about them.

[ CAPTION: Jack Chatie and G Hannelius ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]
[ CAPTION: G Hannelius and Jack Chatie ][ SOURCE: images_production ]

G Hannelius is getting cozy with Jackie Chaite for quite some time now. Hannelius surprised her fans when she and Jackie went on a romantic trip to Iceland. With amazing views, these couple posted many pics of them cuddling and getting close. This was enough for their fans to know about their private relation.

[ CAPTION: G Hannelius and Jack Chatie in their Iceland trip ][ SOURCE: images-production ]

After adorable proposal and trip to Iceland for Vacation, Hannelius confirmed about their relation via Instagram. Hannileus is an amazing actress and we all wish her to go even further in her acting career.