How Nanotechnology will Change our Future World; What Will be The Applications of Nanotechnology

April 20, 2017
First Published On: December 28, 2016

In the past of industrial engineering, technology characterized by the length only appeared in microelectronics, however, presently we are being close to nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is the development and implementation of functional structures designed through atomic, supramolecular and molecular scale with including minimum one characteristic dimension measured in nanometers (nm).

A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, if we compare the size of nm to human hair it should split eight hundred 100 particles. This size allows them to reveal novel and remarkably increased physical, chemical and biological characteristics, phenomena, and procedure.

Nanotechnology may give us an unprecedented understanding of materials and devices and can be effective in a number of fields.

By implementing structure at nanoscale into a tunable physical variable, the outcomes for the range of performance can be enhanced surprisingly of available materials and chemicals.

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How nanotechnology will change our future world

The Northwestern University, professor of chemistry, Mr. Chad Mirkin says, 'Everything when miniaturized to the sub hundred-nanometer range has new functionalites, regardless of what it is', that makes nano-system the future of the materials.

The unique properties acknowledged with nanotechnology associated with engineered nanomaterials may provide a positive benefit to the health and safety concerns.

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A government agency of Australia, Safe Work Australia, is enabling policy direction after research and providing guidelines towards the potential health implications and work safety through the applications of nanotechnology.

The prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti, the Max Planck institute says the potential of nanotechnology; we’re going to get giant leaps in efficiencies in places such as water and energy technologies.

Due to nanotechnologies, batteries will come with ten times higher density. That is, battery backup of laptops will reach from 3 to 30 hours. And an electronic car will go from 50 Km to 500 Km.

Future nanotechnology could be helpful to medical diagnostic, building better backups or storage, enhancing the work performance, climate forecasting, industrial or technological development and much more, so without a doubt, it is going to be one of the best research and would be helpful for tens of decades.

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Applications of Nanotechnology

Technology and Electronics

Nanotechnologies are expected to give us some major advances in computing and electronics, with faster smaller and even more portable system, which can manage thousand times more data or information than the existing system does.

Medical or health

An existing application of nanotechnology in health sector involves employing nano-system to deliver medicine, light, heat and other different substances to specific types of cells like cancer. Nanotechnology can allow earlier detection and direct treatment of diseases, decline the damages of healthy cells etc.


Nanotechnology can take security to a different level, In few years security cameras will be useless, the tiny nanocams going to be responsible for this, which are very easy to handle, well programmed that can automatically follow the movement.

Not only that it will give us thousands time stronger armor than steel, however, light as a feather that could be a great achievement for the military.

Weather or climate

Nanotechnology-enabled sensors can already detect and identify biological or chemical agents in the air and soil with extremely higher sensitivity than ever before.

Nanoparticles are using to remove water pollution through chemical reactions and the development is still going for handling large scale. In future, it can help to fulfill the need of water at very low cost, and identification of impurities in water.


Nanotechnology offers the designing and development of multifunctional body parts of a vehicle, which will contribute to build and maintain lighter, smarter, safer and even more efficient vehicles spacecraft, ships, aircraft as well as provides different means to enhance the transportation infrastructure.

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Some uses of Nanotechnology

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