HLN's Yasmin Vossoughian is Not Married but Desires To Have Kid One Day - Know All About Her

August 9, 2016
First published on:August 9, 2016
by HitBerry

Yasmin Vossoughian who was born and raised in New York is known as a phenomenal news anchor and a correspondent. With around 15 years of work experience in the television sector, she is also an award-winning journalist. Yasmin is mostly known from her professional side, but there definitely is way much more about her in person.

People often says Yasmin's nose is too noticeable. 

Peeking into Yasmin’s Personal Life

Yasmin is a big time yogi and an extensive marathon runner. What might come as a surprise to you all is that according to her LinkedIn, she is a registered yoga teacher.

Another surprise – she has won two freestyle dance contests! Even with such a busy work schedule, Yasmin definitely manages to maintain her health and fitness level. Her breakfast starts with food items rich in protein – banana, kale, almond milk, frozen pineapple and an add-on – Iced Latte. As per her interview at Trust and Believe, Yasmin expressed her troubles with eating disorders of bulimia and anorexia for around 10 years which affected her career, body weight and herself mentally. Learning from her troubles, she tries her best to stay as fit as possible - for a healthy living.

Yasmin Vossoughian is now married to Whittaker Lindsay Clifford and she is Pregnant too. The couple celebrated their honeymoon in Ireland.

According to her own channel, HLN TV, during her interview, she opened up quite a lot about herself as a person and what are her interests and desires. Diet conscious Yasmin, prefers to consume artificial sweetner Splenda along with her coffee. She believes in the famous proverb “early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy and wise”.

Her dog (his name is Yogi too) is her biggest companion and her watchman. She is accompanied by her dog at most times other than when she is out for work. Her Facebook page is filled with pictures of dog- either on the sets of The Daily Share or for rescue. 

Yasmin Vossoughian’s Career

Yasmin started her career as an intern for Hearst Magazine in 1999 and got a breakthrough when she was appointed with the opportunity to work as a correspondent for Current TV in 2005. Since then, she worked for various TV networks such as One Minute News and AOL.

At present, she works for HLN since 2014 where she hosts The Daily Share and majorly covers entertainment and breaking news.

Once, She got punked on the show and also pronounced Girrafe for Rhino.

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