Greg Sutton's ex-wife Lea Gabrielle, Know about their affairs and relationship

July 16, 2017
First Published On: July 16, 2017
by HitBerry

Lea Gabrielle, one of the renowned TV personality in the news world is best known for her work as a journalist for the Fox News Channel. We all know, Gabrielle on the screen but what's her life off the screen? As we know Lea is the public figure and lots of her fans want to more about this American beauty.

However, Gabrielle likes to her life simple as her personality. Many of us, see her on Fox channel reporting on the news. So what's is she doing off the screen? After divorcing, is she looking for another charm in her life?

Lea Gabrielle life after the divorce with her husband Greg Sutton

Well, Lea keeps her personal life under the shade. But she hit the new when this 42-year journalist divorced with her ex-husband Greg Sutton. Before tying a knot, this ex-couple dated for ages for a long time. Soon they got attracted to each other.

But this couple marriage didn't last long as they divorced just after few years. Till now the reason for their divorce hasn't come out yet. During the time of their married life, they didn't have any children.

Lea Gabrielle at Fashion Show Presented by Usquaebach Scotch Whisky, the High Line, source: Zimbio

After the divorce with Sutton, Lea is rarely linked with any of the men. If you scroll down the twitter account of Gabrielle, you will find her dropping tweets from her work and more about the USA news.

As for now, Lea might be dating but she hasn't made it official. We hope, in coming days she will get her lucky man in her life, who would cherish her life.

Lea Gabrielle affairs and relationship

Lea, who keeps her life away from the media speaks less in besides in Fox News channel. If we look at the dating history of this beauty only one name pops out and that is Greg Sutton.

You might be wondering, how this pair met up? As we know, Gabrielle has an amazingly attractive career. Lea worked for United States Navy as a fighter pilot of F/A-18 “Hornet” for twelve years. Surprisingly her ex-husband Greg is currently working for US Navy as Naval Officer.

As we mentioned above, their relationship didn't last for long as their marriage ended up in the divorce. Since then she is never linked to any of men.

Lea Gabrielle husband Greg Sutton, source: LinkedIn

Lea Gabrielle, source: fighters sweep

But in 2016, TV personality Gabrielle, again hit the news, when she Tweet with a pic of a lovely ear piece ear in Feb 2016. Many of her fans thought, there might be someone whom she is dating. This mystery is under the dark till now.

Apart from this information, there no records of dates of this Lea dating any of other guys. We will provide more information on Gabrielle as time passed by.