Filmmaker Michael Bay, still unmarried at the age of 50, says any potential girlfriend must be a dog-person

December 18, 2015
First Published On: December 18, 2015
by HitBerry

Michael Bay, Hollywood’s most flamboyant, stylistic and visually griping director, has loved dogs his whole life. He has said that he is a dog person and cannot stand animal cruelty in any form.

Bay, now at fifty years of age, has indicated he might be looking at a potential girlfriend who could go on to be his wife in the near future. However, Bay has a condition that needs to be met by any woman who wishes to be his partner. She must be a dog- person.

Bay, who currently lives in Los Angeles with his two dogs (bullmastiffs), Bonecrusher and Grace has been a dog lover his whole life and he wants his future girlfriend to love dogs the same way as he does. He considers this a must in order to have a healthy relationship between them.

Bay has said that he automatically tends to like dog people and any woman who is one will not have any difficulty being around him. Bay is very close to his dogs. When his oldest dog Mason passed away in 2007, he was devastated emotionally and took time to recuperate.

Bay also wants his girlfriend to be a vegetarian as he himself is one. He is known to be an active animal rights activist and considers non-vegetarian diet to be animal cruelty. Bay has said that he had previously faced problems with his earlier girlfriends because they, at times, were cruel to his dogs.

Bay’s previous partners were Jaime Bergman, Cara Michelle, Lisa Dergan and Pamela Anderson. He is also known to mostly date models and beautiful film actresses. Recently, he was rumored to have been dating Megan Fox.

Bay has not been married yet and has often said he has no interest in marriage or raising children biologically. However, he has said that he will adopt kids when he feels the time is right. Bay himself being adopted, has always had a soft corner in his heart for adoption. He says that adoption is something his future partners would need to comprehend and compromise with.

Bay, on a professional level, is the most commercially successful directors in the world. His movies have grossed $6 billion worldwide and he has made three movies which have grossed more than a billion each.

Some of his most popular movies are “Armageddon”, “Pearl harbor”, “The Transformers film series” and “The Rock”. He is awaiting the premier of his latest movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, which is set to premier worldwide on the 15th of January 2016.

Bay is also said to be one of the richest directors today. His net worth is estimated to be around $410 Million dollars.  He recently sold his Los Angeles house for $11.45 million. He plans to build an estate with the money from the sale of his house in Los Angeles.