Film Director Jonathan Levine, age 39, in no way ready to get married, have kids or even get a girlfriend

December 18, 2015
First Published On: December 18, 2015
by HitBerry

Jonathan Levine is considered one of the most sentimental and romantic directors with a clear cut focus and purpose in his movies. He has been hailed as a master in dark romance due to films like “Warm Bodies” and “50/50”.

Jonathan, who makes the best romantic films today, has said that as a person he is not sentimental or romantic in any way. Jonathan has never been married yet and has said that, at the moment, he has no time for a wife or even a girlfriend.

He also says that he does not see himself settling down with children in the near future. He has said that he is currently looking forward to complete projects which have an underlying romance to the story. Jonathan, in the past, had been linked to Antoinette Spolar, with whom he was in a relationship with for some years.

Jonathan and Spolar were a unique couple. Although they were together for quite sometime, they were never really seen together in public. They also never accompanied each other to award ceremonies, functions and premiers.  

Since the pair split, Jonathan has not involved himself in any substantial relationship. Some sources have also claimed that Jonathan is really an asexual. Another rumor about Jonathan was that he was gay, but his ex Spolar dispelled all such rumors.  

Jonathan, as a young man, was known to date several women. He had numerous girlfriends when he was in college. He was also known to specially value love and spent a while travelling across the country interviewing people and their understanding of love.

On a professional level, Jonathan has already made a reputation for himself and is considered one of the best directors of the millennium. Jonathan is known for his special approach to sensitive topics and is known for movies like “50/50”,” Warm Bodies” and “The Wackiness”.

Jonathan’s most recent star studded movie “The Night Before”, which premiered a week back, has already been considered the best Christmas movie for 2015. He is currently working on his upcoming movie titled “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”. 

Apart from being a prominent movie director, in late 2014 he tried his hand in TV shows. He directed the pilot episode of the popular TV show “Rush”.

He has also said that all of his movies are connected to him on a personal level. He is known to be very cool and calm on the sets. However, he has been criticized for taking too long to edit his movies. This habit of his has gotten him into conflict with many of his producers in the past.

Jonathan recently bought a house for his parents in New York. Sources close to him have said this was his way of thanking his parents for all that they have done for him.

Jonathan’s net worth remains undisclosed.