Drew Fuller open to getting married!! Find out what he looks for in a girlfriend

August 14, 2015
First Published On: August 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Back in 2013, an online magazine called apartmenttherapy.com featured ‘Charmed’ actor Drew Fuller and a not so famous person named Ceara McAuliffe on a special feature where the two of them showed off the interior setting of their new sweet home. The couple gave the website a special tour of their Hollywood hills home in Los Angeles, California. Until then, nobody knew that the heartthrob and the then unknown lady were dating each other. We’re still not sure about his alleged girlfriend because Drew has never spoken much about this particular relationship. But after going through the online feature, no one could deny that they were indeed in love then.

The web magazine did a great job of showing the interior of their cute and cozy home, which Drew and Ceara bought together. It also gave Fuller’s fans glimpses of his home. Some of the pictures even showed the pair using their laptop, lost in each other’s embrace. And there’s only one thing that we can make out from the feature, they were indeed dating. So what happened to their relationship? Where are they now? Are they still together or have they split up?

We don’t know for sure, what really happened after their sweet encounter with the apartmenttherapy.com but we do know that the pair have spilt and moved. Ceara can now be seen rocking her sexy avatar on Instagram. She has been showing off her slim, model like figure to her followers and seems to have moved on after her break up with the hot Drew Fuller. As for the Army Wives star, he seems to have fallen head over heels for the beautiful actress, Claire Van Der Boom.

It might be hard to believe, but if you go and check out the actor’s social media accounts, you’ll find that they are filled with flirtatious pictures of Claire and him. He seems quite active in Twitter and Instagram where he shares numerous tweets dedicated to the lady. He even re-tweets posts from her account. His Instagram is full of the beauty queen pictures and he regularly shares snaps of The Pacific actress and himself. So has Drew finally found love in this Australian Dutch actress? Or is it just a fling that will last just for a short time?

A source has recently revealed that the former model has expressed his desire to get married and settle down. It is also being said that the actor, aged 35, is also extremely keen to start a married life and even start a family with wife and kids. A close friend of Drew, who worked as an informant, spilled the beans about Drew’s plans to tie the knot. He revealed that his friend had certain criteria for his wife-to-be. First of all, he wants his wife to be beautiful, charming and down-to-earth person, just like him.  And the next condition is that the girl must be normal, normal in a sense that, his future wife must not be from the show biz. So does that mean that the alleged romance Claire and Drew is just a short affair and nothing more? If the words of his so-called friend are to be believed then come on pretty girls, you have a really good chance to win your dream man. We hope he won’t be doing ‘The Bachelor’ this season.