Don Lemon Interview with Sheriff David Clarke on Black Lives Matter. Sheriff's gotta point

July 18, 2016
First Published On: July 18, 2016
by HitBerry

I’ve got three cops down and you want me to calm down.

“Black Lives Matter.”- what is it; an organization for you?

Do we know American law enforcement officers are racist?

Pretty much heated does it sound? Well, it was very much and more than that the CNN office was a blazing fire. You’d ask why? These are some of the excerpts from the CNN tonight show of Don Lemon.Lemon who is an American Journalist cum television news anchor famous for hosting the show CNN Tonight was left tongue-tied in his own show. So much that there were more breaks and intervals than any actual news happening. Just saying something we noticed.

People on protest for the movement- Black Lives Matter.

People on protest for the movement- Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives matter has been quite the talk for everyone, not just in the United States of America but worldwide.The show has always been interesting but this time, it was spicier and that too for legit reasons. CNN Tonight with Don Lemon has been a show rather the anchor has been an active correspondent to voice a strong opinion on the ways of the African American community has faced. Well, it was on this very show that the anchor- Don lemon got blasted and ironically in such a way that nobody even has anything against the sheriff because actually, the David Clarke has a point which is-Let’s act and stop making a public parade out of it all the time.

The media hyping and controversy over recent Dallas shootings has been immense. Well, David Clarke is seriously pissed off.NO kidding at it. It doesn't even seem funny anymore.What's more interesting in all of this protests is that the “Black Lives Matter” which has turned to become a movement of the people and native of the United States has taken a U-turn in such a way that it seems more of an association actually. Just like what sheriff Clarke pointed out.

David Clarke paying his condolences to the loss of lives that happened in the recent Dallas shootings.

David Clarke paying his condolences to the loss of lives that happened in the recent Dallas shootings.

The sheriff was in no mood to listen and why will he? He had his police officers all dead because of the Black Lives Matter movement according to him. David Clarke just did not shy away from giving comment and making his point in the show, which at one point certainly shocked Don.Well, Don Lemon you really do need to get the priorities right because more than the opinion time it is action time. Just saying after all a popular person like you giving your inputs to it will definitely make a change.Or rather we will let you decide. Have a look at the interview below.

Don Lemon opening up about him being a gay

Lemon is a known name not just because of his media career, but in addition to it, he came out openly about his sexuality being that of a guy. In his memoir, he mentioned about this along with suffering from sexual abuse which gave him an overnight popularity.