Do You Know Rapper Joseline Hernandez's Net worth? She's Pregnant

July 19, 2016
First Published On: July 19, 2016
by HitBerry

Ever wondered how much Puerto Rican rapper Joseline Hernandez is worth? This Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star has been in buzz for her fake pregnancy scam has a lot to do and more to earn. No wonders her net worth and income is amazing.

Joseline's Net worth and Salary

Joseline's net worth is estimated to be around the figure of $150,000. This includes all her income as an actor and a singer, her property as well as all her investments. That being said, her performance in the VH1 reality show This Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is considered to have contributed significantly to her overall net worth. 

Joseline Hernandez in the set of Love and Hiphop: Atlanta                                                                             Source:

Having appeared in five seasons of the reality show, Joselina has garnered much fame and popularity. Similarly, this rapper has also given three major albums Mi Colta, La Nerga and Stingy with my Kutty Kat which has further added to her worth. Some even state that the net worth of this actor cum singer is around half a million dollar.According to, her net worth is even higher at the staggering figure of two million dollars, second only to Stevie J. Considering her current accomplishment that might just be  close figure. Well, for now, we have to carry on with the established figure.

Joseline whose age is 30 years  is estimated to have banked earnings of $350,000 and $285,000 from her two album Mi Colta and La Nerga respectively.

Here's the music video:


Talking about her salary, her annual income is stated to be around $150,000 as well which leaves plenty of room for suspicion on her financial status.

Joseline's Pregnancy Scam.

Currently as a star of the reality show LHH: Atlanta Joseline is getting much of the limelight. Her relationship with her ex Stevie J. has been one of the main headlines of the show. They started dating on 2013 and recently broke up after Stevie was convicted of molesting his own daughter that he conceived with Mimi Faust.

But that was just not it Joseline was flooding the news with her so-called false pregnancy alarm. The news quickly made it to the headlines when she posted her pictures on her Instagram with the sexy pink lace dress which completely covered her baby bump. On the similar news, just one week before she had posted the picture of her ultrasound and a baby bump. With her bump disappearing so miraculously it was no wonder that the fans were interested.


Her pregnancy report was confirmed to have been positive when her personal trainer posted a picture of her working out with her baby bump. She also confirmed on Twitter that Stevie was, in fact, the father but went on to show her relief in him disowning the child. Check out this interview where she opens up about her relationship and sexuality.