Did Khandi Alexander, age 58 get a plastic surgery? Complete analysis of her before and after pictures

November 3, 2015
First Published On: November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Having plastic surgery procedures is something quite common among Hollywood celebs. They tend to undergo several painful procedures in order to get back the beauty that they lose to aging and occasionally, accidents. Plastic surgeries are as important as breathing for many of the Hollywood stars. But despite having all sorts of procedures, they still deny having any of it. 

Actress Khandi Alexander is one such Hollywood diva who has certainly undergone plastic surgery, but denies it and refuses to accept it publicly. The American dancer, choreographer, and actress has been mesmerizing her fans with her strong acting skills and dance moves for quite a while now. We all know that she is already 58. But have any of you seen a single trace of wrinkle or lines on her face? We certainly haven’t. If we were to check the before and after pictures of this talented actress then one can surely find a huge difference as she looks younger than her former self.

The Scandal actress has been able to manage her timeless beauty, even in her late 60s, and we are really amazed. You might be wondering how she did it, but we have already answered your question in the beginning. Plastic Surgery is the only way she could have retained her beauty and charm because Alexander surely does not have a magic wand, does she? 

Alex, who is famous for her role as Dr. Alex Woods in famous series CSI, has been under the radar of media for quite a long time, after she began appearing in events and award shows rather young. Everybody, including us, have been scratching our heads and wondering what must she have done to look so youthful. And finally, we have all the answer as we know exactly what sort of procedure this star underwent to hide all the wrinkles and signs of aging. 

Her changing appearance and her youthful look are the result of surgical treatment, mainly filler injection and Botox treatments. All thanks to the Fillers and Botox, Alex looks so different and beautiful now. Her skin looks even more refreshing and shiny. And the actress, unlike few other actresses, has been using the Botox in the right amount with excepted result. 

It has also been known that Alexander has gone under the knife to improve her nose. She, according to several gossipmongers, has undergone a Rhinoplasty procedure, a.k.a. a nose job. But her pictures speak otherwise. We can’t see major difference on her nose while comparing her old and new photographs. 

There are several who claim that the actress’ ageless beauty’s secret is something else. We all know that she is neither married nor has boyfriends, which means she has never ever become a mother. So, a few of her fans believe that the actress not having children might have helped her retain her beauty. Perhaps!!