Darius McCrary's Wife Tammy Brawner files for Divorce without any fears of their Daughter

March 15, 2017
First Published On: March 15, 2017

Darius McCrary is an American television and film actor and also a singer. His full name is Darius Creston McCrary. Darius actually got famous for his role as Edward Winslow on the ABC television.

He is now getting famous by his divorce news. Omg! What a news? His wife Tammy Brawner has filed a divorce without worrying about their children. Is it true? Let’s find out.

Darius McCrary and Tammy Brawner’s Married Life taking a serious turn

Darius McCrary and Tammy Brawner announced about their marriage in 2014. It’s only 3 years and we are hearing the bad news all around. Tammy is Darius’s third wife. If you were unknown let me tell you that Darius was first married to Juliette Vann in 2005. The couple was separated in 2006.

Tammy Brawner and Darius McCrary


Darius' second wife was Karrine Steffans. They were married in 2009 but they got divorced after two years. The case is similar here. Again we are getting to hear about his third divorce. Something must be seriously wrong in his life, I think.

Tammy has filed a divorce and stated that she has some serious concerns about the 1-year-old daughter, Zoey. The news was officially announced on March 13. Tammy is demanding full custody of their one-year-old daughter.



Tammy says that Darius has been violent to her and their 16 months old baby Zoey Brawner. Finally, Tammy came to the conclusion that she wanted a divorce and cited it as citing irreconcilable differences. According to Tammy, Darius held their daughter over a boiling pot of water and said if he never had her.

Previously, Darius threw all the stuff all around Tammy and their baby said, Tammy. Only the couple know what’s wrong with them. It seems like the couple cannot hold on to each other anymore.

We can say that anger management and drugs were the main problems after hearing Darius’s wife statement. Darius is asked to stay away from her wife and daughter by the Judge.



Tammy said Darius not to interfere until he gets help for drugs, booze, and rage. Tammy also wants to cut Darius’s visitation rights until the case is solved completely. Both Tammy and Darius claim that they have been a victim of spousal abuse. It is known that Darius was attacked with an iron by his wife and has asked for legal protection.

Recently, Darius said that his wife is doing all these for money. He claims that the abuse case are all unreal and she is out for his money. Personally, I am very unhappy to hear the news. Darius is about to get divorced from his third wife. The only thing we can do is sit and watch, maybe the couple will think about their daughter and compromise.