CNN's Christi Paul talks about married life with her first abusive husband and advises teens on abuse

November 30, 2015
First Published On: November 30, 2015
by HitBerry

"I recognized, after lots of therapy, that we're all equipped to do whatever it is we need to do to make things right in our lives. We have to choose truth, faith and courage, though, to 'flip that switch' in our brain to habituate strength and truth rather than weakness and lies. Once I learned how to do that, I thought, 'other people should know this!' so I wrote my story."

This was how CNN’s very own Christi Paul went on to touch and inspire thousands of readers all over the world through her much acclaimed book ‘Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt’. The CNN’s HLN as well as truTV’s In Session anchor was blaming herself for the emotional and psychological struggle of her first marriage. However, one fine day at church, she realized that she could not live like this forever. A story similar to countless other women who have suffered the same unwanted trauma of domestic violence, yet, so provoking and inspiring!!

Many people have thanked Paul for allowing themselves to move on from their failed marriages and give them motivation to leave their spouses for a better life. And if you have not read it, Christi Paul’s book tells it all. It is her own personal story, but written in such a fine way that, in fact, it is a story for all those women facing similar sorts of problems.

Christi has been able to rediscover herself and, without doubt, is enjoying the best years of her life. Currently married to Peter Paul, she is enjoying her new start in life. In a recent interview, she spoke about how happy she was with Paul and how he is a great caretaker for their children. The two have three children all together and seem to be a one jolly good family. At the age of 43, she still looks young and gorgeous as ever. Her first marriage was to Rob Koebel. which we all know turned out to be a disaster. When and how she got married with either of these two men remains a mystery!

After her book came out in public, rumors circulated that she was soon to be fired from the job. The rumors went viral in the social networking world with fans questioning the network’s motives as to why she was being fired. Many women disliked the idea of the host being fired. However, it all turned out to be a false rumor as neither CNN nor truTV supported the rumors. Instead, they claimed that she was a very likable personality around the company and would continue hosting the show. This sent a wave of satisfaction as everyone was glad that the rumors were false.

For all those facing abuse, Christi can serve as an example. Not only has she written about her struggle, she has also given many tips to many teens facing the same problems. A must read book for all those suffering through similar pain!