Ashley Tisdale and Husband Christopher French Marriage and Anniversary

July 3, 2016
First Published On: July 3, 2016
by HitBerry

What is the dream of any unmarried girl?

A loving husband, a wedding never seen like before, and a happily ever after.

The workaholics and all the many career oriented people around me might not agree, but isn’t a wedding the most important factor that determines your whole life. And that is no lie -everyone at one point has thought about it, even a slight bit counts.Yeah, that’s a different story that not every dream comes true, but still, some of our celebrities have it all. Literally all.Example- Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French.

Ashley Tisdale, who is an actress cum singer recently turned 31 last week. Married to Christopher French for a year only Ashely is often heard quoting herself as the happiest girl on earth. Reason- she feels lucky that Christopher chose her to be her life partner.Previously dating Scott Speer ,Ashley however, split with him soon and has been with Christopher since then. 

This is one of the Wedding Photo of Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French.

The two of them married in Santa Barbara on 8th of September back in 2014 (secretly)after a year-long engagement.Talking about the wedding, her very close friend Vanessa Hudgens, who was also the bridesmaid claimed in the media that -”Ashley looked like an angel.” Definitely, the pic below is a live proof.

Elaborating about Ashley's professional career, she has had a debut like nobody else. Starring in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody she became an overnight star. Although she was involved in this industry since her childhood, it was High School Musical that gave her an immense fan following making her the most talked celebrity of all times. No wonders her marriage was a shock to all the girls and guys for obvious reasons.


I married..... #1yearanniversary

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Marrying her best friend; emphasise on the best friend; Ashley was MIA the last year, but she has many things coming up in 2016. The only reason she was not here was obviously her dear hubby who was pampering and showering her with all the much-needed TLC.


My best friend. Im so lucky you chose me to be your wife. #1yearanniversary

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And hold on the horses; it's not just her marriage that was so dreamy; even her anniversary was equally special. Everyone's is but this was a class apart. I mean, how many of the husbands dress up perfectly well in a suit for their wives just to celebrate their anniversary in New York City even if you live in California.That’s right. Christopher and Ashley ‘s picture were taken in NYC where both of them hand in hand were there at night to celebrate the first anniversary.

The young actress who is often complimented for her legs and eyes has all her special occasions extraordinary I’d rather say because her recent birthday was no less as it was themed. And guess what who was there with her all the time.Girls there you go and envy again.


Let the celebrations begin. Dinner with my amazing family tonight. Thanks for having me mom and dad ????

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Christopher organised a Bohemian-themed bash, which was awww-droolable.


Still dreaming about the food.... ??? bohemian birthday dinner ???

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Linked with many rumours in the past Ashley Tisdale has faced it all but they say right- it all comes and then goes for you to meet an end point as after that you get your prince charming who will gallop away on a white horse. The words might be different, but Ashley reportedly opened about her relationship with Christopher being exactly like this one.

And there are no doubts or wary either. Truly, it is a happily ever after.