Actress Miranda Otto and husband Peter O'Brien thinking of adopting children

December 20, 2015
First Published On: December 20, 2015

Miranda Otto, the current Homeland star who has been taking over the TV world through her performance in the TV series, has recently announced she and her husband Peter O’Brien plan on adopting a few children.

Miranda and Peter, currently have only one child, daughter Darcey, who was born in 2005 on the 1st of April. Miranda has, over the years, indicated that she plans to enlarge her family so that her daughter can have siblings to play with. As sources claim, she keeps asking her mom for sisters and brothers.

However, Miranda has been facing fertility problems after giving birth to Darcey, and it has been difficult for her to get pregnant again, claim sources. Miranda and Peter thus have expressed their views on adopting a child. They have been seen in consultation with numerous adopting agencies.

The couples have also said that adoption was an option to them since the 2010’s, but they never really had the time due to their busy and hectic schedule. Now that they both have some free time, they plan on starting the process immediately. Miranda has just finished with the latest season of Homeland and Peter does not have any projects in hand at the moment.

Sources also have said that Miranda and Peter have told their close friends and family that the current adoption is going to be the first of a few they are planning on in the coming years. They have also said that they will try and give the love of a parent to as many children as possible.

Miranda and Peter have been married since 2003. They first met while staging the play “A Doll’s House”. Miranda has time and again praised her husband for being the most supportive person in her life in every aspect.

Miranda has also said that as a boyfriend, Peter was very practical. This had a huge influence on her and his influence helped her achieve all that she has so far in her career.  They began dating as stage actors in New York and returned back to Australia as a married couple.

Miranda has been acting in movies and TV series since the late 90’s. She has, by now, had one of the most illustrious acting careers among any Australian actresses, second only to Nicole Kidman. Some of her most note worthy performances have come from movies like” The Girl Who Came Late”, “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” and  “In her Skin”.

She is currently awaiting the release of two of her upcoming movies titled “The Homesman” and “The Daughter”. Both movies are scheduled to release in the first and second month of 2016 respectively.

Miranda is just two years shy of her golden jubilee and stands at a height of 1.65 meters.  She is also one of the most followed female Australian celebrities on social media, especially on Instagram.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.