Actress Kate Flannery and husband Chris Haston getting divorced

December 27, 2015
First Published On: December 27, 2015

The Office star Kate Flannery and her husband Chris Haston are reportedly ending their lengthy marriage with a divorce. Kate has apparently filed for divorce after the couple agreed through mutual consent that it was the best course of action for them. They both cited irrevocable differences between them as the reason behind their divorce, claim sources.

Sources claim that the main reason behind the unexpected separation could have been Chris and his rumored numerous affairs. Close friends of Katie have said that even after knowing that her husband was involved with other women, Katie, being a benevolent person, forgave him.

However, all of her forgiveness went in vain as Chris began to take advantage of Katie’s forgiveness and continued on with his affairs, which were proving to be a great deal of embarrassment for both of them . Katie now has filed for a divorce and the procedure is under way.

The divorce is set to be finalized by the March of 2016, claim sources. Katie and Chris have been married for a long time. However, the exact duration has not been disclosed to the public. Katie and Chris do not have any children between them and sources claim that Chris not wanting to have children could also have been another reason behind the split.

Katie and Chris were known to be dating for at least three years prior to getting married. While dating, they were known to maintain a long distance relationship for a few months. Katie has also said that in the beginning of their relationship, Chris was a wonderful person who constantly supported her when everyone else around her only doubted her abilities as an actress.

As a professional actress, Katie has had an illustrious career so far. She has been featured in over two dozen television shows and about fifteen different movies.  She is best known for shows like “The Office” and “The Christmas Pageant”.  

Her most noteworthy performances in movies have come from movies like “Life without Dick”, “Home”, and “Love or Whatever”. She is currently awaiting the release of four of her films which are all set to premier in 2016. They have been titled ”Break Point”, ”Helicopter Mom”, ”Cooties” and “Dial a Prayer”.

As a young comedian, Katie was known to be an outstanding improviser. She is also an original member of the world famous comedian group Chicago’s Annoyance Theater. She, while with the group, created fifteen shows out of which, “ The Miss Vagina Pageant “ and “ The Real Live Brady Bunch “ earned her wide spread attention and kick started her career to a wider audience.

She is also a much followed personality on Twitter with over 120 K followers. She can be followed @KatieFlannery. Katie’s net worth has been estimated to be around $10 Million dollars.