Actor Bob gunton and wife Carey Pitts Gunton, still going strong after 9 years of married life!!

March 15, 2016
First Published On: March 15, 2016
by HitBerry

In the glittery world of Hollywood, marriage is something that usually doesn’t last long. Especially, if the person in question is a multi-millionaire actor with a successful career filled with awards and accolades, more often than not there is always a possibility that he has an extra-marital affair he is hiding from the press and the public. But so is not the case with Shawshank Redemption actor Bob Gunton.

The actor got married to Carrey Pits in the fall of 2006.It has been rumored that the actor’s married life is stronger than ever at the moment. They appear very happy together. They go to the movies together at least once a month. The actor always has time for his wife no matter how busy his schedule is. 

Despite the nurturing and caring relationship that exists between Gunton and his wife, it has however been confirmed by the sources that he has no immediate plans of having children with his wife.

The American actor was formerly married to Annie McGreevey for almost 30 years. He has one child, Olivia Gunton from his former marriage. His previous marriage ended in a bad note for the actor as there were numerous rumors suggesting the divorce was all Gunton’s fault. It has been claimed the actor doesn’t want to repeat his previous mistake this time around.

Gunton’s first major acting role was in the original Broadway production of Evita, for which he earned a nomination for prestigious Tony award. He followed up his role in this production with critically acclaimed appearances in Sweeney Todd, Working, How I Got That Story and Big River. His first well received silver screen appearance was for Star Trek: The Next Generation, the most popular sci-fi TV show at the time. Gunton later became popular through the performance he gave on ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.

Since the success of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, Gunton has made appearance in several other popular TV shows and movies. The performance he has given on The 33, Running mates and Argo are the most memorable. He has also guest starred in the first season of Desperate Housewives, portraying the role of the US Secretary of Defense. The actor has also served in the US Army, earning the Vietnam Service Medal and a Bronze Star for Valor.

The Californian actor is known for keeping his life to himself. He is not very active across social media platforms. Because of this reason his fans have tough time keeping up to date with the latest happening in his life.

With the successful acting career which has spanned over 3 decades, it is natural that the net worth of the actor is also very high. evaluates his net worth to be in excess of $3 million.