Otelia Cox married husband Tony Cox in 1981; Know about her Married Life and Children

HitBerryPublished on   06 Dec, 2016Updated on   27 Apr, 2021

Hollywood is full of rumors of hookups and breakups. We come across such stories every now and then. But famous comedy star Tony Cox has managed to save his relationship from getting affected by the razzle and dazzle of Hollywood. Tony Cox married Otelia Cox in 1981 and is enjoying a long-term relationship.


On today's digest, we are going to talk about the world famous comedy actor who has short height but a long love and marriage history that is rare in the business of Hollywood. Let's find out about Otelia who have a son together from their long-term married relationship. So, let's take a look at Tony Cox'es personal life including his married life and children.

Otelia Cox married Tony Cox in 1981

The love story of Otelia Cox and Tony Cox goes way back to their high school and college days. The couple at first were just buddies in college. But the formal dating relationship started after Tony asked Otelia to be his prom partner.

After prom, they slowly turned into close friends, and by the end of their college years they grew up to be lovers, and the rest was history.

Otelia Cox married Tony Cox 1981, and the couple has been together ever since. The basic building block of this 37 years the long relationship has been understanding and endless love. 

Tony has admitted in many tabloid interviews that Otelia has been his support system and is the one person he can never live without.

Tony Cox proposed Otelia after finishing college

Tony Cox, famous for his roles in Bad Santa, Me-Myself & Irene, and Epic Movie dated his sweetheart throughout their college years, but it looks as if the Hollywood actor was responsible enough to let his best friend turned girlfriend graduate from college and then only ask for her approval to take their relationship to another avenue.

Finally, in 1983 the couple got married. And over the years these couples have always been together and we hear no rumor of their breakup or divorce until today's date.

Tony and Otelia together have a child

After being married for over three decades, the couple welcomed their child. Though the couple has regularly been followed by their fans and media, they still managed to keep information regarding their children out of media.

Ten Facts about Tony Cox

1. Tony Cox's full name is Joseph Anthony Cox.
2. Tony Cox was born on  March 31, 1958, and is 60 years old.
3. Tony Cox was born in Manhattan, Kansas, United States.
4. Tony Cox started his professional career in 1980.
5. Tony Cox is the son of Henrietta Cox-Penn and Joe Cox.
6. Tony Cox joined the University of Alabama and planned to study music.
7. Tony Cox decided to pursue acting after watching Billy Barty.
8. Tony Cox married wife Otelia Cox in 1981.
9. Tony Cox is the father of a child.
10. Tony Cox is 3 foot 5 inches tall.