Oscar winning actress Dianne Wiest, age 67, opens up about why she never got married

HitBerryPublished on   05 Jan, 2016Updated on   05 Jan, 2016

Beautiful actress Dianne Wiest is still single. At the prime of her youth, she was considered the hottest Hollywood actress and she is still very attractive. The reason why she is still single has always been a mystery.  The actress revealed to our sources what caused her to remain uncommitted up until now.

“I never found somebody for whom I could give away my acting career. I was too much focused to make my career successful. Along the way, I didn’t find somebody who would be capable of being my husband”, the actress revealed the reason why she is still single to our sources.

 The actress also claimed that she has no regrets when she reflects on her love life. She thinks her decision of staying single and uncommitted was one of the driving factors behind her successful career. She also revealed that she doesn’t plan on having a relationship with anyone anymore.

“Just because I don’t want to get married doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be a parent too. I adopted my children so I could experience the joy of parenthood”, the actress clarified why she adopted her children to our sources. She has adopted two daughters, Emily and Lily, who are now 28 and 24 years old.

The actress was in a long-term relationship with a New York talent agent, Sam Cohn, for a long time. The two parted ways after Cohn reportedly cheated on Wiest. Her break up with Cohn is supposed to have made the actress want to never date again.

Wiest started her career in acting in her high school years. While she was attending Nurnberg American High School, she started acting in the theatre. She studied theatre at the University of Maryland. Her first major role onscreen was for the TV movie, Madness of God. Some of her notable works include the performance she gave on films like Edward Scissorhands, I Am Sam, The Lost Boys and The Birdcage.

The actress won an Oscar for her performance in Bullets over Broadway in 1995. She has also won a Primetime Emmy for her portrayal of Gina Toll on the Drama Series, In Treatment in 2008. Wiest has won 33 major awards and 24 nominations throughout her career as an actress.

The 67 year old actress is not present in social networking sites. She has neither a Twitter nor an Instagram account. Lack of her presence in social media has made it very difficult for her fans to keep up with the latest happening in Wiest’s life.

Wiest’s net worth remains undisclosed at the moment. The fact that she lives on a rented house in New York City indicates that her net worth may not be very high.