Oscar award winning actor,Chris Cooper and his wife, Marianne are very much in love.

HitBerryPublished on   03 Apr, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

Actor Chris Cooper and his wife Marianne Leone married in the year 1983. The couple who had been in marital relation since more than 30 years, how could not they be in love? The married relation is always built with the support of love and trust.

They are always there for each other in their thick and thin. Though Cooper has not kept his young days romance on high profile but we are sure with the thing that the couple might have started their love life with immense romance and we could still see that love in between them.

No matter how much secret Cooper would keep his love for his wife, we could see it in their bond and the care they do.

The couple had their baby in 1987 and they were very happy. Unfortunately their happiness changed into sadness when three months premature Jesse’s cerebral hammorhage was found out to be developed. The couple moved to Kingston in search of best school for the children with special needs and the same time they become strong advocates for exceptional children. Eventually Jesse mainstreamed into Silver Lake Regional High School.

But one day, Cooper and his wife went through a black day of their life, their son’s sudden and unexpected death from epilepsy. Though death is inevitable, the pain of losing the beloved one in their young age is more painful than anything. Like other parents, Cooper and Leone had also dreamt of their son’s future and their wonderful life with their son but everything broke down after the death of Jesse.

And yes, it is the love between Cooper and Leone which made them stay strong in such condition also. Still, they miss their son which is a very painful feeling; they burst out into tears in his remembrance. But Cooper’s and Leone’s support for each other had made them able to tackle such situation. Each other’s company makes them forget the pain and step forward in their life.

Recently actor Cooper resides with his wife Leone in Kingston, Massachusetts. And to talk about his acting career, he had been dedicating himself in acting for nearly 30 years. 64 years old Cooper played in local theatre when he was at his early age of four.

His interested and dedication towards acting made him win the numerous awards and has been nominated too. He won 2003 Oscar award for the role in Best Supporting actor for his meta comedy film Adaption. The same movie is the success maker in his acting career for which he had given many interviews and earned fame.

Cooper had done other successful movies like American Beauty, August, Capote, My House in Umbria, etc.

His TV shows include: To The Moon, The Equalizer, The Miami Vice, One More Mountain, etc.

Cooper has a net worth of $10 million.