Orson Bean: See the less known fact of 88 years old actor. Personal and married life with children.

November 6, 2016
First Published On: November 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Orson Bean may have aged but he still has the charm and ability that made millions of women fall in love with him. Starting from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and Ed Sullivan, his graceful performance in the American entertainment career made history.

Orson Bean is still active in this field and makes various appearances in TV series. His 'Safe at Home', a one-man play about his childhood and the early days of his career and his incredible performance during 2015 was a great success. His four incredible books Me and the Orgone, Too Much Is Not Enough, Ways to Cook a Mouse for the Gourmet Cat and [email protected] for Mickey also won the heart of millions of people.

Orson Bean

Orson Bean

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Apart from that, today we will be talking about his personal and married life and yes about his children too.

Orson Bean's personal life

Orson Bean

Orson Bean

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Orson Bean was born on 22 July 1928 in Burlington, Vermont as Dallas Frederick Burrows. He is the son of George Fredrick and Marian Ainsworth. Orson's father was a very intellectual person who was a founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union. Besides that, father George Fredrick was a 20-year member of the campus police of Havard College and a fund-raiser for the Scottsboro Boys' defense.

Orson Bean is said to be the first cousin of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. He is also the founding member of 'The Sons of the Desert' which is an international fraternal organization and the international Laurel and Hardy Society. Besides that, Orson was also in the United States army who served in Japan for almost two years.

'The book Me and the Orgone: The True Story of One Man's Sexual Awakening' is autobiographical about his life-changing experience with the orgone therapy developed by Austrian-born psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich.

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Orson Bean's married life and childrenOrson Bean first wife Jacqueline de Sibour

Orson Bean first wife Jacqueline de Sibour

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Talking about Orson Bean's married life, he has married more than once.  Orson first married to actress Jacqueline de Sibour who is best known for The Phil Silvers Show in 1955. Jacqueline de Sibour stage name was Rain Winslow. Orson and Rain married in 1956 and have one son named Michele Bean. This couple got separated in 1962.

Orson Bean and Alley Mills wedding

Orson Bean and Alley Mills wedding

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After Orson Bean got separated from Jacqueline de Sibour (Rain Winslow), he again got married to Carolyn Maxwell who was a fashion designer. This couple got married in 1965 and has three children Mas, Susannah and Ezekiel. Orson and Carolyn divorced in 1981.

Orson Bean and Alley Mills

Orson Bean and Alley Mills

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Later Orson Bean married actress Alley Mills who is almost 23 years smaller than him, they got married in 1993 and are still living together in Venice, California.