Oprah Winfrey will walk 10000 steps a day.

May 6, 2016
First published on:May 6, 2016
by HitBerry

"Sky, mountains, creeks, trees, grass, wildflowers — I just can't seem to get enough. So I made a vow this summer to log my 10,000 steps each day and get outdoors to do it”, Philanthropist and actress Oprah Winfrey seems determined to reduce her weight.

10,000 steps are day sounds pretty intimidating at first. Let me convert it into measurement we are familiar with. Ten thousand steps convert to roughly 5 miles, which is still a testament to its own.

Source: http://www.livemint.com/

Winfrey has been concentrating on weight loss for some time trying various routines. In January, it was stated by her in Weight Watchers that he has lost 26lbs of weight and is eating bread every day.

"The reason I gained so much weight in the first place and the reason I had such a sorry history of abusive relationships with men was I just needed approval so much. I needed everyone to like me, because I didn't like myself much. So I'd end up with these cruel self-absorbed guys who'd tell me how selfish I was, and I'd say 'Oh thank you, you're so right' and be grateful to them. Because I had no sense that I deserved anything else. Which is also why I gained so much weight later on. It was the perfect way of cushioning myself against the world's disapproval."

Weight gain can be pretty taxing to one, for both body and mind. Not only fatigue but it also welcomes unnecessary problem like blood pressure. Having suffered from weight gain for decades, Oprah Winfrey has decided that she will revert back to her old self. I guess it means she will only give importance to the people who prioritizes her and not give a shit about others. Right choice Oprah! Your health is more important.

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