One Tree Hill Actress Hilarie Burton and her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan's great Married life

One tree hill star Hilarie Burton and Grey’s Anatomy star Jeffrey Dean Morgan have lived a low-key life together since 2009. The pair has kept their relationship secret for so long. In 2009, their amazing love story began when a mutual friend and ‘Supernatural’ star, Jensen Ackles, set them up on a blind date.

The couple first met on a blind date set by ‘Supernatural Star’ Jensen Ackles 

 Jensen Ackles and Dean Morgan

In the year 2009, Dean’s friend and ‘Supernatural’ co-star Jensen Ackles set him set up on a blind date with Jensen’s wife Danneel’s friend and co-star from ‘One Tree Hill’, Burton. Both the couples went on a double date and Dean and Hilarie really hit it off and eventually fell in love.

Hilarie Burton gave birth to their son in 2010.

Hilarie Burton and Dean Morgan with their son

In 2010, Hilarie Burton and Dean Morgan welcomed their first baby son Augustus to the world. Hilarie gave a huge surprise to the public when she revealed about her pregnancy as at that time her relationship with Dean was also not revealed yet. The news definitely came as a huge surprise for the public. It was a first child for Burton and second for Morgan as he also had a son before with his ex-girlfriend Sherrie Rose.


The couple has a very private married life

Hilarie Burton and Dean Morgan

Burton, 33, and Morgan, 49, have always managed to keep the details of their wedding mystery to the world. The couple got married on 2014 in front of close family and friends. The pair has always been silent when it comes to their private life. However, we can assume that the couple is living a happy married life as there is no news of them having any sorts of problem in their personal life. Currently, the couple resides on a farm in upstate New York with their 6-year-old son.



Hilarie Burton and Dean Morgan own a Candy Store in Upstate New York 

Hilarie Burton and Dean Morgan in a store     

The adorable couple resides on a farm in upstate New York and raises animals like alpacas and cows. Hilarie also revealed that when she is not acting or working on the farm, she and her husband own a candy store in Rhinebeck, New York named Samuel’s Sweet Shop.