Once divorced actor Elias Koteas, age 54, has no plans of ever getting married again?

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jan, 2016Updated on   27 Jan, 2016

Fifty Four and too late to settle down?? Not for actor Elias Kotea!! The actor has been divorced once and he has spilled that he does not want to get married again. Is it because he is still head over heels about his former wife? Or was he too scarred by his divorce to ever risk it all again? Or is it simply because he still in search for the one??

The popular Canadian actor Elias Kotea tied the knot with his former wife Jennifer Rubin in 1987. But before the marriage could hit their fourth anniversary, they got divorced. Our sources reveal that he was quite devastated after they got separated.

These sources add that Jennifer was involved in multiple relationships when they were in a married relationship and once Elias even got to witness his wife’s act of infidelity. Poor Elias!! How much more could he take!! And this is the story of their divorce according to rumors.

Now at the age of fifty four, while others are enjoying their golden days with their kids or grand kids, the actor is not interested in getting married again so far.

Our sources reveal that Elias might be waiting for his soul mate.

Elias is highly popular in social media these days. He also has special days separated to interact with his loving fans.  He is active in Instagram and we sure can find his updates frequently. Seems like he is not a secretive person!! Good for us.

According to one of his interactions on twitter, we can basically infer that he has lost his faith in marriage. He definitely is a child lover, but not a father yet.

Furthermore, he got separated from Jennifer Rubin in 1990 and has not been spotted dating or having girlfriends ever since. There are no explicit reports of him having any sort of romantic relationship. With this can we guess him to be still in love with Jenifer??

Though he is 54, do not mistake him for being fragile and old. He stills seem irresistible when shirtless. So girls, watch out!!

He has been actively featured in movies and TV shows since 1985. He has also won many awards for his flawless works and contributions.

Now You See Me, The Last Days on Mars, The Killing, Jake Squared, Chicago P.D are some of his latest hit contributions to the industry.

Elias Kotea is always celebrated for being highly professional and best at improvising. At times we get confused if he is being himself or acting in some scene.

Actor Elias is not very tall and stands at the height of 5 ft and 10.5 inches. However, his weight and well maintained body really compliments his average height.

His net worth is reported to be around $3 million dollars.