OMG:Singer Taylor Swift and her actor boyfriend Tom Hiddleston BREAKUP. It is a FRIENDLY BREAKUP.

And it has happened one more time. Taylor Swift who is the very famous singer has broken up with her boyfriend Tom Hiddleston again. It’s time for some tear to be dropped on the guitar and for Taylor Swift to go all-“Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone…”

Singer Taylor Swift and her now ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston together.The couple started dating from June 2016.

Singer Taylor Swift and her now ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston together.The couple started dating from June 2016.

But hey just wait a second. There is a royal twist in the story because of guess what? The breakup is out of mutual consent.


Pretty cool runnings

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The couple who came out openly about their relationship just three months ago hasn'tbeen spotted or photographed together in the past one month. There were even reports that Tom was actually very much uncomfortable with all the attention he was getting and that was pretty prominent even when Tom was asked questions about his relationship.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spotted together in a beach in the summer 2016.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston spotted together on a beach in summer 2016.

A source close to us even informs that the couple is “cool” with the split as it is a very friendly one. Seems like the relations of Tom and Taylor is very very friendly as even after a breakup the couple is all OKAY with it. We just wonder though what all the long walks on the beaches and the summer strollers meant if everything between them was nothing but just friendly.



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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston had started dating each other after the singer broke up with her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. But one thing cannot be denied that Taylor Swift definitely is all good for boys because she literally wants the best for her and I think she is still waiting for her “white horse to come around.”


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All in all the fans undoubtedly are muddled with this and are losing their cool over the internet.Well, honestly many are finding it humourous. The Internet and social sites like Facebook and Twitter are in a rage with all the fans literally bewildered and roaring with laughter.And hey #HiddleSplit is trending too. Just saying.

But what we suggest the fans is too not worry because hey another hit Taylor Swift song is coming right away that will make you hum all the way long.