OMG! Chandler Riggs spotted kissing his new hot girlfriend Brianna Maphis.

July 18, 2017
First Published On: September 22, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Chandler Riggs, who started his journey as a child artist through AMC's The Walking Dead at 2010, is all grown up and guess what? He has completed over a year of his relationship with his girlfriend Brianna Maphis!

Chandler Riggs and his girlfriend Brianna Maphis

The Walking Dead star began dating his fan girl Brianna Maphis since August, 2015.  Apparently, they met one another on a cruise ship. Since then, there's been no looking back for these two. They seem to be madly in love!

The couple has been slaying it on every possible social media sites. Chandler a.k.a Carl from The Walking Dead often posts pictures of the couple on Instagram and tweets too!

Recently, the couple was spotted enjoying each other’s company at a beach. 17-year-old Chandler was half naked with just shorts and his beau Brianna, 18, was wearing a black bikini, which made her look even sexier.

And well, the two have been cuddling with one another - perfect way to showcase you love eh, Brianna?

Chandler Riggs gets a kiss from his girlfriend!

What could be more romantic to see our very own Carl Grimes get a kiss from his blonde sweetheart? Brianna, a woman with beauty and brains, was spotted kissing at the Miami Life in Colors (LIC) event. They seemed to have enjoyed the day with full enthusiasm as if it was the last day!

Chandler Riggs attends his girlfriend Brianna’s Graduation

Around 3 months back, Georgia born Chandler attended his lover Brianna’s graduation ceremony. Brianna, who is a year old than Chandler, looked beautiful blonde hair and the couple seemed just perfect next to each other. He captioned the picture with just four words – meaningful words “So proud of her”. What more would Brianna want other than to hear her sweetheart compliment her on her big day!

Was it just the graduation ceremony he attended? No! He accompanied her to her prom as well. He dressed up as a perfect gentleman and matched his suit with that of her black gown filled with diamond.

Chandler Riggs and girlfriend Brianna Maphis matching attires

Well, what else would exemplify a perfect relationship other than wearing matching clothes? Apparently, it has been more than once that the couple has been spotted wearing the same attires. Only a true couple does that!

Fans name for Chandler and Brianna : Briandler!

Just how Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie were named as Brangeline (unfortunately the couple are divorcing), CHandler and Brianna are also being called as Briandler!

One fan follower even made a video of the pair to wish them on their anniversary.

They are so adorable together, we hope their relationship last forever and beyond! More love to both!