Olympian Swimmer Gaurika Singh: Youngest Player In Rio Olympics 2016 From Nepal

August 8, 2016
First published on:August 8, 2016
by HitBerry

For those of you who has been following the Olympics must have seen or heard of this name – Gaurika Singh. Born in Nepal, 13-year-old Gaurika has been performing exceptionally well in every tournament she has been assigned to. Gaurika who has been living in the UK since she was 2 years old, has attended numerous national as well as international competitions. She has travelled to countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Russia to represent her country Nepal.


Gaurika’s Journey to the Olympics

At a tender age of 13, it feels like Gaurika has achieved the whole world within a blink of an eye. It definitely is a dream for a talented young woman to join the Olympics and represent a country like Nepal, which is still unknown to many.  According to The National, Gaurika opened up about how she feels about the Olympics by admitting that she started swimming since a tender age but she never expected she would ever make it this far. Gaurika Singh is known to be the youngest woman in the 2016 Olympics held at Rio, Brazil. Garuika’s road to the Olympics began when her coach opted for a chance for her to represent Nepal.

In the Olympics, Gaurika won 100 meters backstroke heat on August 7, 2016 against competitors from Kosovo and Samoa.

Gaurika Singh at the Rio Olympics 2016

Gaurika Singh at the Rio Olympics 2016

Gaurika Singh at the South Asian Games (SAG)

Gaurika previously took part in the 2016 South Asian Games (SAG), which was held, from February 5 to 16 in Guwahati and Shillong, India. Overall, Nepal managed to win 3 gold medals, 23 silver and 34 gold medals – a total of 60 medals were welcomed into the country. Among all, swimming star Gaurika obtained one silver and three bronze medals for the country.

Gaurika Singh at the 2016 South Asian Games (SAG)

Gaurika Singh at the 2016 South Asian Games (SAG)

Gaurika at a National Level

In 2014 Galaxy Cup held in Lalitpur, Nepal, Gaurika managed to win 6 different matches such as butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. In June 2015, she participated in the 2015 Open National and and Age-Group Swimming Championship where she succeeded in breaststroke and backstroke matches. 

Know more about Gaurika’s Personal Life

Garuika, who currently resides in London, studies at an only girls’ school named Haberdasher’s Aske’s School for Girls. For her swimming sessions, Gaurika trains at Copthall swimming club located at Hendon, London. RythGormley - who has been the head coach of Barnet Copthall Swimming Club, has coached her. He has coached world-class swimmers such as Sarah Price and Giles Long. Her other coach, Christine Green has coached numerous national age group winners.

Gaurika has a younger brother Sauren. After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, Gaurika was assigned the Goodwill Ambassador of a non-profit organization Shanti Education Initiative. She donated all the prize money she received through her wins at various events.

During her interview with Sydney Morning Herald, the 13-year-old acted out rather mature and expressed her love for the country. “I could have represented England, but I am not English. It would be pointless to represent Britian being a Nepalese,” she added.

Gaurika will have lots to share with her friends after she returns back to London. She has been known to the whole wide world since she entered the Olympics at such a tender age.

Way to go, Gaurika!