Olympian April Ross Relationship With Husband Bradley Keenan. They Don't Have Kids Yet But Loves Their Cat

August 15, 2016
First published on:August 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Professional beach volleyball player April Ross has been able to prolifically raise her popularity through her appearance and efforts in Rio Olympics 2016. April along with her co-player Kerri Walsh Jennings have reached upto the semi-finals in Beach Volleyball against Brazil in the Olympics. The beautiful and fit player is already married and the couple doesn’t have any children as of now. But what they have counted as a part of their small family is their fluffy cat.


Happy Birthday Bradley! You're my cornerstone and my rock. I love you!! @bkeenan6

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April’s Personal Life – Husband Bradley Keenan and their cat Critter

34-year-old fitness freak April has been married to professional beach volleyball player Bradley Keenan since 2010. Bradley, who received his Masters degree with a GPA of 4.0 from Concordia University, is an understanding and a supportive husband. Since both fall under the same profession, it is much easier to get to know each other’s schedules.

According to AVP, he calls his wife as one of his role models alongside Marv Dunphy. The couple is seen together at various events and ceremonies – which can be traced back from their Instagram. The couple currently live in Newport. 

April and Brad’s wedding day ended up with April jumping into a pool with her wedding dress on! How cool is that? Although it has been six years since the couple tied the knot, there are no signs of children anytime soon. But what we are missing out here is the fact that they have a cat, which they absolutely adore! Critter the cat is brown and fluffy and seems like a wonderful pet to be around with. According to Heavy, apparenlty, it was Kennan who rescued Critter long time back when they were still dating one another.


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HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE from the Keenans! 

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Sunday night snuggs with my luvs.

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Seems like April is quite fond of children – her Instagram definitely proves that she has an immense amount of love for her nephew. Previously, she has been a coach to young children, which shows how much she cares for the little ones.

April Ross – An Inspiration

During the 2016 ESPN magazine - Body Issue, several sport stars along with April Ross, shot pictures for the shoot without any clothes on. Really brave of you April! The main message that was delivered through the body issue was the people should be comfortable with how their body looks. 

Moreover, she also shot for a short commercial for Gatorade, which is a sports-themed food and beverage company. Her words in the commercial expressses her love and passion for volleyball and how it has become a part of her life now. She mentions that at the age of 14, she knew what she wanted - Volleyball. Through sports - in association with Gatorade, she encourages and promotes gender equity and equality and Rwanda, Africa.