Olympia Vallance setting the Rumors about her Boyfriend and Relationship,Know their Dating History

We all know Olympia Vallance is a stunning Australian model as well as an actress, but do we know the lucky guy that she is dating currently? Olympia’s dating rumors are surrounding the news sites these days like a tornado; So is she actually dating any guy? Or is it just a rumor?


Stick to this article until the end if you want to know in detail about Olympia’s current relationship status as well as about her past relationship affairs with other guys and history.

Olympia Vallance and her relationship rumors

Olympia Vallance is very much active on social media. If you are a fan of Olympia Vallance, you must also have heard the rumors about her dating Karlose James. She also has a picture of them together on her Instagram account.

Have a look:

[ CAPTION: Olympia Valance and her boyfriend she is rumored to be ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So is it just the rumors or are they actually dating? Well, she recently made our confusion clear, again through the Instagram.

[ CAPTION: Olympia Valance and her boyfriend she is rumored to be ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

She told that Karlose is not her boyfriend but her gay best friend. In an interview with who, she said,

Although I would love him to be my husband, unfortunately, he likes boys.

This shows that she loves him, but unfortunately cannot make him her boyfriend or husband.

Olympia’s past relationships

Olympia had previously had a relationship with Greg Cannell. The duo was another example of perfect relationship but they separated. In an interview, back in 2016, she said that Greg makes her feel worthy and that she loves her body because Greg loved it. The duo had a very cute relationship which was extremely supportive towards each other.

[ CAPTION: Olympia Valance and her ex-boyfriend Greg Cannell ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]
But on a friendly note, the couple separated and currently are on their separate journeys!

[ CAPTION: Olympia Valance and her break up tweet ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple separated after 15 months and Olympia announced it via Twitter. After her separation with Greg, for quite a while, she also dated One Direction’s, Niall Horan. In an interview with ‘The Sun’, she said,

We’ve known each other for a couple of years now. He obviously spends a lot of time in Australia with his cousins. We are quite close. I see him when I come to London and he sees me when he’s in Oz.

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The duo started dating at the end of September 2017. Even though they have already admitted that they had started dating, currently, there is no news of them hanging out or spending time together. So we can only say that they might still be dating without making public or might have already broken up.