Oldboy Director Park Chan-wook talks about why he keeps his wife and his married life away from the media

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

We all know Park Chan-wook, don’t we? He is a Korean film director who has mastered the art of making films that feature brutality, violence and black humor.

Park Chan-Wook, age 52, is reported to be married. But the name of his spouse and details about the rest of his family are hidden as of now.

In a recent interview, he opened up a bit about his personal life apart from his professional taste in film making.

Our sources reveal that he married his high school girlfriend and they are happily married couple.  He apparently feels as if he has been dating this one single person for a life time. From his statement in an interview, he says that when he was thinking of refusing to  make another vengeance movie ‘Oldboy’, it was his  wife who convinced him to proceed by saying “If the story's interesting, isn't that all that matters?”. This shows that no matter how the public criticizes his film making style of brutality, fear, pain, revenge and violence, his wife is always by his side.

Park further added that he likes to keep his married life behind the four walls of his home. He is very professional and does not want to be a subject of gossip on the basis of his wife and personal life. He says he enjoys the interview where he is questioned about his movies, the way of direction etc rather than being questioned about his wife.

He is kind of against people who gain their stardom by using their personal life rather than what they have actually contributed in the media.

He says that the main reason why he features violence and brutality in the movies is because he wants the audience feel the fear of violence and pain, not only emotionally but also physically. When the audience comes out of the theatre, tired and cursing the director, that is his achievement, he says.

Park is mostly acclaimed for his films like  Joint Security Area and Thirst, for which he has also won many film awards. The Vengeance Trilogy consists of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Oldboy (2003) and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005). This trilogy is very popular all over the world.

His movies are rated as “bloody disgusting and vicious” and have been criticized many times in the media. However, he comes up with movies with more violence, because he says “if you want to sooth your nerves, why don’t you go to the spa” According to him, theatre is a place where you feel the movie and enjoy the thrill.

Sources reveal that he does not have any negative regard for people who are gay. But that does not mean that he is necessarily one. He has many hit movies and has been highly successful in his professional field. So, needless to say, his net worth is higher than that of the average American directors and screen writers.