OITNB's Alex Vause not dead according to actress Laura Pepron who plays the character on the TV show

October 2, 2015
First published on:October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Rumor has it that actress Laura Prepon, the actress who played the role of lesbian Alex Vause in Netflix’s original series "Orange Is The New Black" will be back in the season 4 next year.

Amidst speculations that fans of the show are not interested to have her back in the TV show anymore, the news about her return has shocked several. Despite garnering critical acclaim from critics and being among the fans favorites for her bad girl image, several media outlets reported that only few viewers are enthusiastic about her presence in the series.

In the season finale of the last season, Alex was seen being attacked by a group of people ,who she thought were associated with the other inmates at Linchfield prison. The final episode left us a hint that the ex-girlfriend of Piper Chapman, might be dead.

But when the How I Met Your Mother star informed her fans and followers about her return in the show via Instagram, things became clear that her character was indeed alive. The Satellite Award nominated actress Instagrammed a picture of herself as her character Alex, where she was seen wearing her trademark glasses, make up, her orange uniform and a badge. The photo was captioned: “Glasses??Eyeliner??Badge?? ...excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys! #season4 #alexvause #Oitnb #bestfansever.”

So what do you think? Are her fans actually excited to see her again in OITNB? We don’t think so.

Though Pepron has confirmed that she is back on the award winning show once again, there are several who don’t want her back. Reports have it that, while the actress is over the moon, the fans of the show are not excited to see her back on the fourth season of OITN. Rumors are high that the fans are ok with Alex being dead.

As per the report by Movie Pilot, the relationship between Alex and Piper is so messed up that it has broken up beyond repair with zero possibility of reconciliation or forgiveness. "I am voting NO on Alex surviving the hitman. She has more than served her purpose on the show. Her ONLY relationship is with Piper, who has outgrown her intellectual world traveling ways," it wrote. It suggested that despite writers’ fruitless attempts to bring the two former lovers back together, the two are destined to either follow separate path or fall apart. It added: "Alex is a downer, she has no social skills and isn't like able except maybe in some of the flashbacks."

The Movie Pilot seemed really intent on stopping Pepron from coming back to OITNB. The report further added: “Alex is crucial in the first two seasons because by that time Piper still needs her. However, now that Piper has finally found herself, Alex has served her purpose.”

So does it mean that Alex was just a pawn used by the writers and producers to bring Piper out of the shell? Die-hard fans of Pepron will surely be disappointed by this report, but there is something else that might cheer them up.

While Movie Pilot does not want Pepron back, TV Guide thinks the other way. As per its report, we will be seeing Alex safe and sound and back in action to Litchfield with more cautiousness and vigilance. Talking to the publication, Pepron quotes: "I don't think you're going to see a more timid side of Alex. If anything, she's justified in her paranoia. ... That empowers her, in my opinion."

When asked whether her tattooed character would be faithful to Piper, she hinted that the two would always have connection. "I definitely think that if Alex needed her or she needed Alex, they would be there for each other completely."


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