official Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr this Monday, January 15 gets Controversial

January 16, 2018
First Published On: January 14, 2018

Instead of hearing Stevie Wonder's 1980's hit song  "Happy Birthday", Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday gathers a lot of racial controversies this time. It includes all MLK's family, Current President of America and general disagreement.

This is really heartbreaking for a president of America to recall American hero as a "racist" person and has increased hatred in all African American community. Sad but true, know all the details here.

earlier this week president was caught in a controversy for using an explicit word in Twitter and that was even criticised by Martin Luther King's son and daughter. Let's take a look at the tweet where precedent is seen explaining his A**ho** tweet:

The federal holiday in America has three names on it:  George Washington and Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King Jr. and it is one day where people celebrate the fight to equality and remember the great igniter of the fight against race in America.

Former President Barack Obama in 2010, honored the Martin Luther King Day of Service served lunch in the dining room at So Others Might Eat, a soup kitchen in Washington, January 18, 2010, and we are yet to see what current Republican president would do in the auspicious occasion of Mr. Luther's birthday, hopefully he gets to correct the misconception of general public about him.

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the daughter of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr, Bernice King and her brother Martin Luther King III have spoken their minds on the current president.

Here is what Bernice King thinks about Mr. Precident:

"Trump's election could be a blessing in disguise, This is the opportunity for America to correct itself."

If we remember, Bernice King recently had opened up about the whole Pepsi Kendall issue, here is the Tweet:

Martin Luther King III who met Trump three days before he entered the white house on the same occasion have told AP in an interview:

"I would like to believe that the president's intentions are not to be divisive, but much of what he says seems or feels to be divisive, It would be wonderful to have a president who talked about bringing America together and exhibited that, who was involved in doing a social project ... that would show humility." 

His speech I have a dream still inspires people towards a better world but people even question Jesus and King Jr is no surprise but this time it's the American President Donald Trump who has done it.

As President was announcing a public holiday, he was asked if he was racist but the president walked away without even answering it and that really touched many peoples emotion.

“I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”

Here is another Tweet from Bernice:

The dream seems to be converting into a reality and yes the world is slowly getting over the barriers of racism and we do hope the dream that Jr. saw comes true. Amen!