Nyle DiMarco talks about Dancing With the Stars.

HitBerryPublished on   26 Apr, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021


American’s Top Model Nyle DiMarco is a contestant in Dancing with the stars along with his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd, and get this, he is deaf, the first male in the show.

Take a quick look at the video below to see if you could have found out if I hadn’t mentioned it before.

This week’s Dancing with the stars took him to the role of The Mask. It was the song that Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz danced to in the movie. Being a great fan of the movie, Nyle stated how it was an honor for him.

"Growing up, I watched the mask probably over 100 times. I love Jim Carrey” stated DiMarco.

"They are actually spending a lot of money for me to actually wear a prosthetic mask with fake teeth, the costume, everything," reveals the deaf model. "You're basically going to see 100 percent of The Mask in me."

And we certainly did. His performance was praised by the judge as they re-enacted the entire song from the movie. From the dance step to Nyle picking the rose from the teeth, it was all perfect. The pair had not rehearsed wearing the actual mask, making it even more exciting.

Nyle, however, showed his confident side stating prior to his performance that his only competitor is Val Chmerkovskiy as he believes no one else is better than him. His performance was certainly great scoring 25 out of 30 from the judges.

With his astounding sense of dancing, one can hardly believe that he can’t hear the music, but so was the case with Beethoven.

This 26-year-old hot model is totally burning the show and they are the show is just only in its sixth week. We wish him all the best for this competition.