Nurse Jackie star Eve Best talks about her thoughts on getting married and what makes a guy "husband material"

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   04 Jan, 2016

Eve Best, the star of the show Nurse Jackie, is now forty four years of age and has collected quite a bit of dating experience. She recently talked about her thoughts on marriage. The actress, who remains unmarried as of yet, is looking for an ideal companion as she feels her time has come to be with a husband.

However, she has certain requirements that need to be met by a person in order to be considered as a potential husband by Eve. Sources claim that the first requirement she seeks in a person is that he must be willing to start a family knowing that it might be too late in life.

Sources also claim that she thinks a person who is husband material for her should come from the world of art. He must certainly be an artist and willing to respect her as an artist. She has also said that age must not come in between them as a couple.

Eva has also said that the person should respect her space and independence and should not try and be controlling, as most men tend to be. Eva, who is an animal rights activist, has said she expects her man also to be against animal cruelty and a supporter of animal welfare and rights.

Sources also claim that Eva, being a vegetarian, would like her husband to also choose a vegetarian life. Although Eva has had several affairs in the past, she has never seriously thought about being married.

She has said that she has yet to meet a person who would be her ideal husband. However, sources also claim that she is beginning to worry that she might not meet him at an appropriate time and it just might be too late.

Eva on a professional level has achieved outstanding success in her career. Recently she was on the news after she announced her plans to get back to Stage Theater. She was recently seen playing the role of Anna in the play Old times. She earlier to playing Pinter played Cleopatra in the play Antony and Cleopatra.

Eva considers herself more of stage actor than an on screen actress. However, she has had a number of roles in recent years in TV and movies alike. Her most recent TV role came from the show “Life in Squares”.

Her most noteworthy performance in movies has come from the 2010 Oscar winner “The King’s Speech”. Sources claim that she is currently working on an undisclosed movie, which is to be announced in the month of March this year.

Eva, unlike other actresses, began her career in her late twenties. She began training as an actress in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the relatively late age of 24.