Novelist Philip Roth, age 82, talks about the movie adaptation of his books

February 13, 2016
First published on:February 13, 2016
by HitBerry

Philip Roth may be described as one of the most influential writers of today. His devotion to this field and his unyielding contribution has made him the most awarded novelist in the United States.

For people too lazy to read, six of his books even got their movie adaptation. Hailed as one of the greatest writer of his time, his work has laid foundation for many of the literatures and stories today.

Mainly, his work focuses on Jewish Life and American life style. He does not window dress his work. He makes it as difficult to digest as possible, including all uncomfortable parts of the life style as well.

As many as fans he has, he has many haters as well who fail to comply with his works. His work is more suitable for philosophical adults and old people rather than children and youngster. Roth can be considered one of the radical writers of his generation.

Philip Roth is a reader lover. It means he loves his readers and considers them the absolute reason behind his success. And he wants to relay his work and his thoughts to every one of them.

Books and movies are two similar yet different entities. Movies can capture the essence of the story batter than the book ever with auditory and visual medium. Books, however, have more depth and feel to it, if one reads through all of it.

Although there are many book readers out there, we can’t deny the fact that many are reluctant to read all those stuffs and simply prefer a movie adaptation.

Roth knows this fact too. So, in order to communicate his work to his audience, Philip Roth in an interview has talked about adapting several of this books into movies like ‘The Human Stain’, ‘The Plot against America’, and also his second wife’s memoir ‘Leaving a Dolls House’.

He may want his novels to be adapted into movie because of the fact that he will earn more from this. But we like to think otherwise. Doing this will expose his work to an even wider audience.

Starting his career off from short stories on the magazine ‘Et Cetera’, Philip Roth has come a long way to success. His work has resulted in wide spread criticism as well as universal acclaim and praise.

Now 82 years of age, Roth also often builds up his own quotes related to life, society and psychology. These quotes are loved by many.

Philip Roth is kind of a recluse. He likes to be alone, undisturbed by anyone or anything. He has been married twice. His first wife was Margaret Martinson, whom he was married for 9 years until she died in a car accident. His second wife Claire Bloom got divorced from him in 1995.

Philip Roth’s net worth is around $10 million dollars.

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