Nothing has been heard from Ryan Callahan about Kris Letang hit.

HitBerryPublished on   16 May, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Nothing has been heard from Ryan Callahan about Kris Letang hit.

Whoa! Ryan Callahan came down skyrocketing like Superman and hit Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang that definitely must have got him suspended. 

Ice Hockey was never a game with much fair play and it seems Lightnings were tired of playing nice. But, still that hit came down strong. Watch it here:

Furthermore, Ryan did not receive any hearing or did not receive supplemental discipline for his obvious offence against the player. Luckily for Pittsburg, Letan returned to the game after staying out for some time due to his supposed injury. If he had sustained a serious injury, Ryan could have been in trouble.

No hearing scheduled with @NHLPlayerSafety for #TBLightning Ryan Callahan for his boarding hit on #Pens Kris Letang.

Some fans, however, believe that Letang got what his deserve, especially against what he did against Marcus Johansson.

"The NHL is going to do their job, and we're going to do ours," Pittsburgh’s manager Sullivan said. "We're just going to play hockey."

Ryan, himself stated that he had no much malicious intent, and it was just an accident. Since it was the first time, Ryan has been up to this type of problem we want to believe so, but the video tells otherwise.

Callahan explained. “When he turns his head, his body is pretty low … in that split second, I can’t really make a decision.”