Norbert Leo Butz and wife, Michelle, married since 2007, having a second child

October 2, 2015
First published on:October 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Norbert Leo Butz and wife Michelle Federer, one of the sweetest couples in Hollywood, have stated that they are trying to have a second baby. Norbert, who already has three daughter , two out of his first marriage and one from his marriage to Michelle, has said he is eagerly looking forward to expanding his family with his wife and wants to have a healthy child as early as they can.

Norbert loves children and has said that they bring out the best in him. Norbert and Michelle however wish to have a son, as their daughter Georgia keeps asking them to make a baby brother. They have said “it is so adorable and lovely of Georgia to keep reminding us time and again to enlarge our family and she is one of the main reasons we have decided to do so “.

Norbert and Michelle were all excited about sharing their thoughts of a second child. They have even said how Georgia herself has brought them with so much happiness life that they cannot wait to hold another child of their in their arms. The couples also have been getting encouragement from friends and family. Norbert was especially encouraged by his daughters from his earlier marriage and has said it was wonderful of them to do so.

Norbert’s eldest daughter is named Carla Virginia, and she has also been following her father’s footsteps and trying to carve a career in acting. She has said that she received unprecedented support from her father. Norbert’s second daughter is named Maggie Lou. Maggie is pursuing a career in law and is still very close to Norbert and her step mother Michelle.

Norbert and wife Michelle welcomed their first child on 2nd January 2011. Their daughter is named Georgia Teresa.  She has been known to be one of the most adorable babies Norbert and Michelle’s friends and family have come across.  Norbert has said he loves his daughter and has dedicated all of his attention toward her. He has also taken responsibility to take her to school and back home.

Norbert first met his wife Michelle in the year 2007 when they were co-starring in the Broadway play “Wicked “, which was a huge success in the US. They began dating while preparing for the production and were soon inseparable. They married after dating for just six months and have said “Our rush into marriage was a blessing in disguise.” It has helped them grow stronger together and helped them believe and love each other even more.

Norbert, who is already 48 years of age, has said age is no boundary when it comes to having children, even now. In fact, he says age makes one a wiser parents. Norbert isn’t actually a fan of social networking platforms like Twitter or Instagram .He does not use Instagram, the popular picture sharing site. 


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