No Wedding bells in sight for BBC Presenter Christine Bleakley and husband-to-be Frank Lampard!!

November 28, 2015
First Published On: November 28, 2015
by HitBerry

English footballer Frank Lampard and his fiancé of four years, Christine Bleakley gave the media and their fans hints that they were both ready to step on to the married life back in July. But, even after months of Lampard admitting: 'I'm very ready', no wedding bells have rung. 

A few months ago, the professional football player admitted that he was totally ready for his wedding with the love of his life Bleakley. He also described to the media, how his long awaited wedding ceremony would be conducted.

The fiancé of the Northern Irish broadcaster and TV presenter said that they would have a small and intimate wedding, rather than a lavish one. He told The Sun that they wanted their privacy intact. But, it looks like the couple has dropped off their idea of marrying any time soon. At the moment, they seem to be trying to fit into the busy life of New York City, which is quite new to the couple, especially Christie. 

The TV presenter was seen stocking up on groceries a few weeks ago in New York City. She looked quite jolly as she gathered necessary items from the local stores. It seems the reality star is really trying her best to blend into the new environment. 

She was not in her glamorous avatar, which she usually wears on special occasion. Rather, she looked pretty casual and cool. She opted for a simple yet stylish look for her short trip to the market. She was donning a pair of black ripped jeans and a pink floral printed shirt over a suede ankle boots. 

She had her dark locks tied back in a classy up do with minimal make-up on her face, which made her llok even more natural with a set of diamond earrings. 

The TV personality, aged 36, moved to New York City with her fiancé Lampard as he now plays soccer for the MLS soccer team, New York City FC. Their love must be really deep, which is why Bleakley readily left her country to be with her loving man.

The much loved couple started dating back in 2009, when they met each other while attending the Pride of Britain Awards. They got engaged in 2011. 

After moving to New York, the lovely pair has been frequently posting their moments together in the city on Twitter and Instagram. Christine even shared a picture of the pair enjoying the sights of New York with a caption: ‘Tried to do a selfie with the #statueofliberty. Didn't quite work out @franklampard.’

The couple is trying their best to fit in this huge city. It has been reported that they have even found an apartment for themselves. Christine, who has also tried her luck in movies, is known for her TV work with BBC and ITV.