No to Husband: Cook Sunny Anderson Still Unmarried, Know her Affairs, and Boyfriends

March 1, 2017
First published on:March 1, 2017
by HitBerry

Sunny Anderson is a big personality of Food Network. She came to spotlight in July 2008 after she began hosting, “How’d that get on my plate.” She also served as co-host with Marc Istook of the food Network program, “Gotta Get it”.

You may want to see some videos if you are a fan of cooking. I’m sure that will be helpful. Also, you may check some recipes of the food you want to cook. Well, the big star of the food network is unmarried. Let’s know if she has any affairs.

Sunny Anderson is Happy to be Single

Sunny Anderson is a big star now and we want to know if she is married, dating, divorced or all about her personal life. Since her fan followings have skyrocketed nowadays they are really interested in her private life.

Sunny Anderson during her show

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During an interview with Delish, Sunny talked about hanging out at home with her boyfriend in 2009. She did not reveal much about him but said that they are both happy. 

No one knows why the couple broke up. Sunny once made an emotional announcement but that was not about her boyfriend. After some months, Sunny talked about being single and she seems to be fine. She said not having a serious boyfriend is actually good for her. 

Sunny Anderson

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She travels a lot and not afraid to travel distant. She also moved to many places during her career starting phase and even moved to California while she was dating. During 2014, Sunny had a bowel inflammatory disease.

She said she does not have an interest in picking the white dress and have children. I guess that’s good for her. She should not hurry to take the lifetime decision. 

Going through Sunny’s Instagram account, we found that she loves dogs and cats. She constantly keeps posting pictures of her dogs and cats. 

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

While going through Sunny’s Instagram account we found that she is dog and cat lover. She constantly keeps posting pictures of her Dogs and Cats. That’s so because cats and dogs are more loyal than human these days, I guess.