Nikki Boyer Divorced David Denman in 2010 and find out who is she dating now?

Marriage and divorce are continuous in today’s world. It is not even a big of a deal to get a divorce in modern society. In fact, you are lucky if your parents are still married. Well talking about the marriage and divorce, you must have already heard about the famous actress, Nikki Boyer’s divorce with David Denman.

Nikki and her ex-husband got divorced way back in the year 2010. So what was the reason behind their divorce? How long were they married? Do they have any children? Who is she dating right now? If you want an answer to all these questions, just keep on scrolling.

Nikki Boyer’s marriage and divorce

Nikki Boyer was previously married to her ex-husband David Denman, a famous American actor. They tied the knot in 2001 and got divorced 9 years later in the year 2010 as we mentioned it earlier. The reason behind their divorce is not publicized which shows that they are good at keeping things private.

Nikki Boyer with her ex-husband David Denman Nikki Boyer with her ex-husband David Denman, Source: Zimbo

Moreover, you might also be wondering if they have any children? Well, the answer to that is no! they didn’t have any children together which made their divorce quite easier as well as less miserable.

Nikki Boyer’s boyfriend

After her divorce, Nikki has not officially been seen with any other guy. However, she once tweeted something about marriage, look at the tweet below.

However, neither her marriage nor her engagement is published by any news sites or their own social media. She might not have fully moved on yet or she might just be focusing on her career right now and she doesn’t have time for another guy in her life.

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Moreover, talking about the other side, David seems to be fully moved on from his former married relationship as he is now married to his girlfriend, Mercedes and is even about to have a baby.