Nightcap: Kim Kardashian Shares Her Bikini Pose On Rolls-Royce And Nude Snap Covered On Bed Sheets After Inviting Third Child

Kim Kardashian is making some serious caption "Nightcap" uploading a sizzling hot snap on the Instagram.


The Keeping Up with the Kardashian's talent chose to click a picture showing her ample bosom writhed white bed sheet lying on the bed. Before digging deep into the story lets have a look at that post.

The 37 years old Kim just welcomed her third child via the modern process of gestation surrogacy which is why she looks this proactive.

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The racy snap on her Instagram has left the followers speechless. She looks damn hot in that racy pose with her hand behind her head. This snap pose gives the sexy view of her whole body.

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Before few hours of clicking the stripped picture, Kim posted an image captioned goodnight wearing a bikini and posing over luxury car Rolls Royce. Lying with bikini over expensive Rolls Royce has made Kim look super hot.

It's not the first time she made headlines for uploading a picture, whatever she does go viral nowadays!