Nicole Williams and Boyfriend Larry English are Still Together? Will Larry be Her Husband?

July 29, 2016
First published on:July 29, 2016
by HitBerry


Mega-model Nicole Williams and her 30-year-old footballer boyfriend Larry English have been in a relationship for quite sometime now. They have been together since 5 years and the couple flaunts their love and everything in between through Instagram. They have been one of the regular couples in the famous American Reality Show Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars (WAGS); a series about the romantic lives of sport icons, which aired since August 2015.

Footballer Larry English with his girlfriend Nicole Williams

What happened in WAGS?

In the first season of WAGS, there were talks and controversies created as to Larry cheating on Nicole during their stay in Vegas. Nicole spent the entire season worrying about the confusion regarding Larry’s infidelity.  Nicole really did seem extremely insecure and over-protective towards her boyfriend.

The 27-year-old Canadian model quotes that she is perfectly okay with Larry travelling and hanging out with his peers whenever he wants, but she wants to accompany Larry wherever he goes.A very protective girl she is. During their stay in Vegas, Nicole was constantly checking on Larry’s phone. To make the matter even surprising, Nicole had installed cameras in their apartment and linked the cameras to her phone so that she can constantly watch over the activities in her apartment. Even with all these restrictions, the couple is still going strong, standing still.

Cast of WAGS

Cast of WAGS

Even though the couple has been together for quite a long time, there are no such signs of marriage yet. Looks like the couple is taking some more time to get to know one another better and accept whatever hidden traits they possess. However we hope to see a ring on the model’s finger anytime soon!


Happy 4th from us! Be safe! ♥? #Bae #Puma

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Kylie Jenner and Nicole Williams tiff over boyfriend

If you thought Nicole is the most protective girlfriend Kylie Jenner outshines her even more. The 18-year-old model and TV personality Kylie Jenner seemed quite jealous when she was informed that Nicole would be starring in rapper Tyga’s video song “Doped Up”. ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ owner immediately told the 25-year-old rapper to cut her out from the video and star her in the video in her place. We can definitely sense a hint of jealousy in here can’t we?


Nicole has a huge fan following base on Instagram with around 491k followers on Instagram; the self-sufficient model portrays ‘relationship goals’ perfectly with the pictures she posts. Even their lovely fans can’t wait for them to tie the knot; hundreds of them comment on her posts asking her when are they going to get married. Larry’s posts are equally mesmerizing and he often has hilarious captions in his pictures with Nicole. Check this out: 


But I'm such an asshole????

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