Nicole Curtis and ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire fighting custody case of son Harper. Mother Joan also released restraining order.

Nicole Curtis, who is popularly known for her association with Rehab addict is making rounds on the court this time. Not just court the recent happenings in her life might just land her into jail is the news that are taking rounds.

Earlier when there was simply so much confusion about her pregnancy and her youngest son Harper, Nicole has suddenly created a stir with all the custody case fighting; she has been doing with her husband Shane Maguire.

Nicole has been taking rounds of the court to get the custody of her son Harper who is just 15 months old. Not just that she might just land up in jail due to the parenting times conflict between the couple.

Nicole Curtis and her ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire- what went wrong?

Her ex-boyfriend Shane and Nicole definitely did share good moments after all Ethan does have a picture with him. However, separation chords hit the couple and the both of them fought a custody case for their son Harper. Harper who is a 15-month-old baby was given to his parents in equal custody for both of them in June 2016.

Yet Shane’s lawyers claimed that Nicole did not let Shane meet Harper and all that they want is Shane getting to see the face of his baby rather than sending Nicole Curtis to jail.

Shane Maguire has claimed that Nicole Curtis's youngest son Harper was born in 2015 and he is the biological father. The baby was born out of wedlock.

Will Nicole Curtis go to jail?

Shane Maguire, whose age is 53 is the co-owner of gold buying stores in Minnesota and California stated in the court that he is the biological father of the baby who was born in 2015 out of wedlock.

He achieved custody of the baby too and it was decided that the couple would share their parenting time over the weekend. However, in July 2016 Nicole wanted some modifications in the court order where she believed that the baby should be with her unless he turns 2.

The judge, however, refused all of the requests to alter parenting time and even barred Curtis from taking her son to her job stations as lead and toxic ingredients are present.

In spite of this, it looks like the decision did not go well with Nicole as on August 14 Nicole tried to drag Harper from Maguire's son at midnight and this did not go well with Shane and his lawyer. The two of them have dragged Nicole to court and well she might face severe legal consequences for disrespecting the court rules.

Yet Nicole denies any of this and rather accesses Shane of trying to defame her for reasons unknown.

Nicole Curtis's son Ethan and her alleged boyfriend Shane Maguire.

Nicole Curtis and her mother's feud

Things definitely seem to have gone haywire in the paradise of Nicole Curtis because not just her husband Nicole has bitter relations with her mother too. Nicole’s mother, Joan Curtis recently issued a restraining order against her. On June 20, Curtis’s mother claimed that Nicole has mental fits of rage and hated her. In addition, she also added that Nicole has tried to threaten her since last year. She said,” Nicole caused total distress to my dying mother with her screams and shouts.”

Although the judge refused to assign the restraining order there was another hearing on august 24 which released one against Nicole.

Nicole Curtis with her mother Joan Curtis and grandmother. Her mother Joan has issued a restraining order against her.

So we wonder who exactly to blame? Right when two people are claiming Nicole as a woman with furious rage and anger, can we say that Nicole is just too protective and obsessed with her kids? We leave you to decide in the comment box below.