Nick Zano and One Big Happy co-star Kelly Brook banned from dating, Zano still single with no girlfriend in sight

September 15, 2015
First Published On: September 15, 2015
by HitBerry

Both Nick Zano and Kelly Brook are young, beautiful and single. They play the role of on-screen fiancé in NBC’s new sitcom ‘One Big Happy’. But these two young hearts have been banned from dating each other in real life…

Yes guys, Nick and Kelly are not allowed to hook up with each other!! If you don’t know why, there is no need to fret because we have all the answers.

Both Zano and Brook have undergone problems in their love lives. They both have suffered heart break and separation from their lovers, but Brook has the most troublesome relationship history. She dated actor Jason Statham for seven long years before splitting in 2004. She later went on to date actor Billy Zane whom she was engaged to be married in 2008. They even bought a house together in Kent. They separated the same year in 2008. She had a fling with Thom Evans from 2010 to 2013 but it didn’t last either. They went their separate way after the actress announced their split via Twitter. She began dating David McIntosh in February 2014. She got engaged for the second time but announced their break up on Twitter the same year.

This is the reason why the bosses of the show, produced by Ellen DeGeneres, has warned both Zano and his co-star Brook not to date each other in real life.

Both Kelly and handsome hunk Nick are enjoying being single. The British starlet has her heart set on him. But unfortunately, the sexy lady can’t get what she wants and neither can Zano.

Zano has hardly been seen with anyone lately. There has been no sighting of any new girlfriends, which makes him one of the most eligible bachelors right now. Though he is single, the 90210 star has dated several women in his past. He had a long-term relationship with actress and singer Haylie Duff. The duo dated each other from 2007 to 2011. After their split, the dashing young man dated actress Kat Dennings from 2011 to June 2014. The pair broke up and Zano is waiting for the right lady in his life. But looks like Ellen and the bosses of One Big Happy are trying their best to keep him and Brook from dating each other.

According to Kelly, the show bosses do not want to see her and Zano hooking up in the set of the show because that would create quite an awkward situation.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the beauty, aged 35 said: 'I can't date him. We've been told we're not allowed to because, well ... we're just not allowed. It would just be awkward for everyone, we'd have a spat.'

The on-screen lover of Zano added that the ban has worked in their favor as it had helped the two to perform the sex scenes more comfortably, which makes it look more realistic.

The English diva said: 'When we're kissing, we really go for it because there's a lot of pent-up sexual tension.'

While Kelly has been speaking her heart out about her feelings towards Zano, he has kept quiet about it. The successful TV actor has had great success in the television and has the net worth of $3 million. But = he has somehow failed to make an impact on his love life. Though he has dated two beautiful women in the past, he has hardly been able to maintain his relationships with them. So is that the reason why the actor has kept mum? Or is he not interested in Kelly? Or is he scared to commit in a serious relationship?

While Zano has had taste of success in the small screen, the woman who has crush on him wants to make it big in the big screen. The curvy brunette said that she had been dreaming of becoming a Hollywood star and work in movies despite all the criticism that she got for her role in One Big Happy. In spite of her huge dreams, the actress admitted that she would love to date a guy like Zano. Did she see Zano shirtless by any chance? Because he looks super hot without a shirt!! This might be one of the reason why she is attracted to him (wink).

She added: ‘In my dreams I’d like to imagine he would date me. He’s a lovely guy. But I do think it’d be easier not to.’

We really wish if they could start going out and Kelly ends up being his wife rather than just a girlfriend. Maybe in another alternate universe!!