News Anchor Richelle Carey opens up about the kind of husband she would get married to

September 11, 2015
First Published On: September 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Richelle Carey calls herself a self made woman – one of the few in the world of journalism. She in an active feminist and has said several times that her husband, whomever she marries, will be a man who values women and respects her and all women for all the hardships they have to go through in life.

Carey has never been linked to any personality and the main reason behind this could be because of her dedicated focus on her career. Carey has said she dated whilst in college and had a serious relationship with a man whose name she fails to mention. She has said that they split through mutual consent as their career paths took them on opposite directions.

Unlike today’s prominent journalists, Carey started from humble beginnings and has worked hard to achieve her goals all her life. There is no one who can say otherwise about her. Her humble career began after she got her degree in telecommunication and started as an intern at her local news channel KPRC-TV. Due to her unprecedented devotion to her work, she was made associate producer for the channel.

After working in her home state most of her life, Carey finally decided it was time to move on and she left to pursue her career elsewhere. She went on to report news from states such as Texas, Nevada and Missouri.  

Through all the hard work she put in on the field, she was given an offer by HNL at Atlanta, which she took up. It was a major turning point in her career as she got widespread international recognition as a journalist for her endeavors there. Whilst in Atlanta, she interviewed famous personalities such as Mary.J.Blige, Janet Jackson and Chakka Khan.

She gained international acclaim for covering the Fort Hood news in Texas. She has even spent a week in conflict ridden Bosnia to cover the works of US soldiers posted in that region and the harsh reality of war and the aftermath that comes with it, especially to women and children who suffer the most in such circumstances .

When the leading independent news channel of the World, Al Jazeera, decided to branch out to America, she was announced as the first news anchor for the news giants venturing on into unchartered territory .

Carey has come a long way to establish herself as an important news anchor. She is turning 39 years of age next month and has said she has big plans for her special day as it is going to be her last birthday before moving on to the forty’s of her life.

Carey is very active on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She has done a lot to spread awareness among women and to empower women to have better lives. On Twitter alone, she has already tweeted over 60K times and has a following of over 40K. She can be followed on Twitter under the username @RichelleCarey. On Instagram, she can be followed as richellecarey.