News Anchor Gigi Stone and husband Ian Woods, married since 2011, thinking of having another baby??

September 27, 2015
First published on:September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Gigi Stone and her long time boyfriend Ian Woods married in 2011 in a picturesque spot with a breathtaking ambience. The very few who were invited claimed that the setting was a recreation of 17th century chateau de Raincheval in France. Some even said that if Jane Austin had been invited, she would have put down her quill and applauded.

Gigi and husband Ian currently reside in New York and have been seen together attending public functions and award ceremonies together. Gigi and Ian have a son and a daughter whom they welcomed in 2014 and early 2015 respectively. Gigi’s son goes by the name Weston Woods and is known to be a charmer among Gigi and Ian’s friends and family. Many of their friends have said Weston “is the most adorable baby they have met”.

Gigi and Ian have expressed hopes for wanting to extend their family by having another child. They have said they will try and make another baby so that Weston and his sister can have another sibling. However, when asked as to when they plan to do so, they have said some time in the near future as they are not exactly ready at the moment.

Gigi and Ian are known to be very good parents. The pay a lot of attention, some would even say more than required, towards Weston and his sister. They have even made their work timings flexible so as to give enough time to their child and take him out on strolls through Central Park or to the beach. Ian is reported to already be teaching Weston how to swim. The couple have uploaded a number of photos of Gigi and Weston and his sister playing in the beach on Gigi’s Instagram profile.

Gigi’s professional life has covered various fields, from reporting news to working in NGO’s. Prior to joining MSNBC, she was working as the head of a non- profit organization founded by prominent Hollywood celebrities George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle. There, she was praised for her dedication and excellent work ethics and also for maximizing the potential of the non-profit organization.  

After her success in the non-profit, she continued to pursue her career in journalism and landed a job in Bloomberg television, where she covers the breaking news in the financial sector and co-hosts Bloomberg enterprise. She was recently praised by analysts all over the world for her thorough and insightful reporting of the sudden downgrade in the second largest business market in China.

Gigi is 41 years of age and is already an established anchor. Gigi has also been ranked the sixth hottest female anchors in cable news by Gigi is a fairly popular figure in social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram with over 24K follower in both of her profiles combined. She can be followed on Twitter @GigiStoneTV and on Instagram as gigistonewoods.


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