New K-Couple Alert; ‘Welcome to Waikiki’ co-stars Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun are Dating

The co-stars of South Korean television series “Welcome to Waikiki” 29 years old Lee Yi Kyung and 27 years old Jung In Sun have been dating for around a year.


The couple’s representative revealed that the couple met through acquaintances last year. Later, when they were cast in the JTBC drama, the duo decided not to let their relationship open. They were afraid whether their relationship will negatively affect the drama.

As a result, their staff and fellow actors also did not know about the couple’s dating relationship. They were focused entirely on their characters while the drama and refrained from going on dates and enjoyed a secretive relationship.

YouTube: Welcome to Waikiki

Talking about the television series, Lee Yi Kyung acts like a 4-dimensional rookie actor Lee Jun Ki whereas Jung In Sun plays the role of clumsy-lovely women, Han Yoon Ah.

In the series, Jun In Sun’s character is seen in a love relationship with another actor Kim Jung Hyun while Lee Yi Kyung’s character is in a relationship with actress Go Won Hee. Now, the dating rumors of the couple have shocked many fans of the series.

Well, Welcome to Waikiki’s final episode is set to air on April 17 at 11 PM KST. Ain’t you excited to watch the last episode?