Never take advice about dating and girlfriends from sexist Comedian Dapper Laughs!!!

September 11, 2015
First Published On: September 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Have you ever tried getting a relationship advice with someone? We know there are many who seek dating suggestions like “how to impress a girl?” “How to get a girl laid on the very first date?” (BTW gross!!!) from the internet or some love guru. If you are indeed in search of some love and dating expert, we have an advice, never ever seek any advice from the so-called dating maestro, Daniel O’Reilly aka Dapper Laughs.

The infamous sexist comedian will never give what you really wish for. He will just suggest some nasty gags targeting women and their sexuality.

The controversial comedian provoked outrage among people as he made jokes about rape last year in a video. Dapper Laughs, who is a huge internet sensation came under the radar of criticisms as he promoted sex and rape on the video while defending his dating show ITV2’s On The Pull. The comedian has always been surrounded by controversies, as he frequently makes sexist and offensive remarks on his popular show.

The pickup artist said in the video published by The Mirror: “If my ITV show was a f**king guide to rape, I would have done one five-minute episode, come on and go 'Oi oi, I'm Dapper Laughs, go down the shops, get some rope, bit of duct tape, rape the b****h, well done, see you later.”

That was not the first time the social media participant made such rude comments. The self-styled comedian, during his show a month before the video scandal talked to one of his female fans and said: “She's gagging for a rape. We'll have a chat afterwards.... Poor girl, do you want to come backstage after, yeah? Bring two of your mates, you’ll need them."

After the show went on air, the comedian was heavily criticized for his extremely sexual joke made on a lady. Several critics accused his ITV show On The Pull for victimizing women via his misogynistic gags and dating advices for men that only teach them how to take women to their beds. Pretty disgusting and cheap, isn’t it?

After extreme pressure from the media, critics and people alike, ITV was compelled to cancel the second season of Laughs’ show. The scandal resulted in cancellation of Dapper Laughs’ tour as well.

Despite all the criticisms and hatred, the comedian does not seem to realize the severity of his words that has been spreading sexism. He took the matter quite lightly and posted some tweets on Twitter which led to the cancellation of his show.

ITV tried their best to convince the public and keep his show running through a statement: “We realise that all humour is subjective and accept that Dapper’s humour is more risqué but feel that his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist or degrading to women and that his approach to pulling is based on displaying the right attitude to women in order to succeed.”

But Mr. Comedian, aged 47, seemed more encouraged to provoke the people furthermore as he tweeted: “Remember, it’s only sexual harassment if she’s more attractive than you.”

Talking about his show, On the Pull, it was a British television dating show where Laughs’ offered dating tips to the public, especially men. The show’s major base was Vines and the contents that Dapper posted on it before garnering fame as a comedian.  The show mostly evoked sexism and promoted violence against women.

As a Vine star, he posted videos of him making jokes about women and sex. He often acted like a sex maniac who has nothing except sex in his mind. The British comedian rose to fame as an internet sensation via Facebook and Vine. He became known for his sexist gags and his shirtless videos. He promoted the idea that if women don’t respond quite aggressive then they are either frigid, lesbians or both. Gay men were his target too.

Despite targeting women and homosexuals, he himself never came out as a man with a girlfriend. We do not know if he is married or has a wife. Maybe Laughs has lost respect from all the decent women, which is why the dating guru hasn’t had luck with any woman. Unfortunately, his sexism has npt affected his earnings. He has an estimated net worth of $500,000.