Nev Schulman is expecting his first child with his wife Laura Perlongo.

Catfish star Nev Schulman appeared to announce this good news excitedly in his official Twitter account that the couple is expecting a baby.

Along with the picture of his girlfriend Laura Perlongo, he posted the picture tweeting-

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm having a baby!”                      

The couple who has been in a relationship for 7 months only after their break in August but they were optimistic and in love. The news became much exciting for the couple as well as to their fans after knowing that there is a baby girl inside.

Laura revealed to ATTN that she got pregnant “accidentally on purpose”.

Being an accidental pregnancy also, the couple is ready for it.

Lauren stated-

"I knew right away I wanted this baby. I was strong. I was smart. I was full of love. I COULD DO THIS!"

"I was confident I’d be great. Nev was confident he would be great. HE COULD DO THIS!"

Well! We wish for a safe maternity.